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Hydro‑Force Revolution Injection Sprayer 100‑1,000 PSI

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  • Easy, precise dilution control—no mixing, no metering, no mess!
  • Consistent chemical application start to finish
  • Use with pre-sprays, deodorizers, protectors, sanitizers, and more!
  • Reduce application time and chemical waste
  • Patent-pending 5-quart container with easy-fill side port
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Product Information

Cut Your Spray Time in HALF

Finish Jobs FASTER

Save TIME and MONEY on Every Job!


The Hydro-Force Revolution injection sprayer takes the hassle and headache out of spraying by giving you precise dilution control with the turn of a knob. Your spray time is cut in half, plus overall chemical usage is reduced, saving you money on every job.


Easy, Precise Dilution Control
The Hydro-Force Revolution injection sprayer allows the user to dial in the precise concentration of chemical. There’s no messy mixing, measuring, or guesswork. Simply connect a 5-quart container of your preferred product and you’re ready to apply.**


The Hydro-Force Revolution automatically mixes product at a 1:8 ratio. So if your 5-quart container is full, it’s the same as holding an 11-gallon pump sprayer of ready-to-use pre-spray!


Need more cleaning product for heavy stains or super soiled traffic lanes? Turn a knob to get the cleaning power you need. It’s that simple!


The Hydro-Force Revolution injection sprayer can be used at pressures as low as 100 PSI or as high as 1,000 PSI. Simply switch out the knob to reduce or increase spraying pressure as needed.


**We recommend keeping 1–2 extra 5-quart containers on the truck to facilitate quick changes of chemical containers.


Consistent Application from Start to Finish
With pump-up sprayers, the amount of product being dispensed varies throughout the entire spraying process. It comes out hard and fast in the beginning, then dribbles out as pressure decreases. Not only is the process time-consuming, but it results in inconsistent application and chemical waste.


With the Hydro-Force Revolution, you avoid both over-wetting and under-application, achieving consistent, even application from start to finish. And since you never need to stop to pump-up the sprayer, applying product on large areas is easy and faster than ever.


Compatible with Multiple Products
The Hydro-Force Revolution can be used with pre-sprays, deodorizers, tile and grout cleaners, sanitizers, protectors, and more! Thanks to high-quality, chemical-resistant seals, no matter what you need to apply, and no matter how large the area, the Hydro-Force Revolution is your go-to sprayer for any product.


Ideal for Carpet Pre-Sprays
Laying down your pre-conditioner/traffic lane cleaner is faster and easier than ever. The Hydro-Force injection sprayer dispenses 3 to 4 times the amount of product as a typical pump-up sprayer, offering significantly better penetration and overall coverage.


To maximize your time, we recommend applying your pre-spray as you enter the building and work your way to the farthest point. In just a few seconds, your pre-conditioning treatment is down, and you’re ready to hook up your wand and start cleaning your way out.


The Hydro-Force Revolution is so efficient at spraying, that it’s possible to pre-spray your jobs up to 45 minutes before that area needs to be cleaned!


On larger jobs, or jobs involving more than an hour of cleaning time, it is recommended that you pre-spray an area that will take no longer than 45 minutes to clean, to prevent the product from drying on the carpet. You can then hook up your Hydro-Force again and pre-spray another large area.


Boost Protector Sales!
When schedules are tight and jobs are stacked up, many technicians miss out on the big profit potential of applying carpet protector simply because they think it takes too much time to rinse, measure, mix, and pump.


With the Hydro-Force Revolution injection sprayer, it takes just 2 minutes to switch from a pre-spray to a protector—no mixing, measuring, or pumping required! Plus, since the Hydro-Force Revolution dispenses 3 to 4 times the amount of product as a typical pump-up sprayer, techs are encouraged to move quickly to avoid over-applying product.


The Hydro-Force Revolution injection sprayer makes it easier than ever to apply protector and maximize this profitable add-on service that can net your business thousands of dollars of additional revenue a year!


User-Friendly Design
The Hydro-Force Revolution is the most convenient sprayer on the market. This unit comes with a unique patent-pending translucent 5-quart container with a built-in wand holder and recessed handle. The wand holder keeps the wand from coming into contact with the customer’s floor, preventing any damage or cause for concern.


If you need to add more cleaning product to your sprayer, simply open the large side port and refill the container without removing the injector assembly. You can refill your unit on the fly—no mixing, measuring, or mistakes!


Key Specifications:

  • 5-quart transparent container with graduated markings
  • Quick connects for swiveling and quick removal
  • Spray gun rated at 2,600 PSI and 7.0 GPM
  • Knob-adjustable dilution ratios
  • Chemically-resistant seals
  • 18" stainless steel wand
  • Rotomolded container
  • Tethered cap


How to Apply Carpet Protector with a Hydro-Force Revolution Sprayer

  1. Shut off the chemical and heat (optional) from your truck mount.
  2. Take a 5-quart container and fill it with clean water plus 1–2 oz of an acid rinse or vinegar. Attach it to your Hydro-Force sprayer and run the unit for approximately 20 seconds, or until all the soap/detergent is out of the line.
  3. Attach a 5-quart container with your preferred carpet protector.

    Your protector should be concentrated and diluted at 1:8 for application on damp carpet. If this is a difficult dilution to reach, you may remove the metering tip to obtain a 1:4 ratio.

    If using Scotchgard™ or Teflon®: Dilute the product 1:1 with water before attaching to Hydro-Force sprayer.

    Note: A 5-quart container of protector diluted at 1:8 will yield 11 gallons of RTU protector. With a coverage rate of 300 sq ft per gallon, 5 quarts of protector will cover 3,000 square feet!

  4. Apply protector in smooth, even, and overlapping strokes. Keep in mind that the Hydro-Force injection sprayer dispenses 3 to 4 times the amount of product as a typical pump-up sprayer, so move quickly to avoid over-applying product. 


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Material Plastic
Category Injection Sprayers
Capacity 5 Quarts
Brand Hydroforce
Condition new
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