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Toner Removal from Carpet


How to Remove Toner from Carpet

Toner from copy machines and printers can fall through exhaust ports and out cooling fans, causing a spot on the carpet. This spot is also caused by spillage when changing the toner cartridge.


Basic Method

  1. Vacuum up as much of the dry toner as possible. It is best to use a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner to prevent toner from blowing out of vacuum exhaust.
  2. Mix Matrix Tri-Foam Shampoo at 16 oz per gallon of COLD water. The cold water will help prevent the toner from bonding to the fibers.
  3. Use the foam only and work from the outside in with a brush, being careful not to spread the toner around.
  4. Rinse shampoo with cold water.
  5. If a slight toner spot remains, apply Matrix Red Be Gone by mixing equal parts solutions A & B. Apply with a trigger sprayer and agitate.
  6. Place a damp clean white towel over the spot and apply and a steam iron set at the lowest heat setting over the treated area. Check for color transfer every 10–15 seconds. Be careful not to remove actual carpet color.
  7. Rinse and extract the treated area, and dry thoroughly.


Warning: Follow label directions and never mix product unless specified in the label directions.

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  1. Minuteman  Lead Vacuum (ULPA)
    Minuteman Lead Vacuum (ULPA)

    The Minuteman Lead Vacuum is designed for the recovery of lead, dust, paint chips, and other hazardous materials. This unit is easy to use, lightweight, and simple to maintain. With normal use and proper maintenance of the pre-filter, the ULPA filter will provide years of service.

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  2. Nylon Spotting Brush
    Nylon Spotting Brush

    This 10-inch-long spotting brush features short, stiff white nylon bristles that stand up well against daily tamping and brushing activities. Use this brush for agitating spotting solutions for thorough cleaning performance.

    • Ideal for use on tough spots
    • Stiff nylon bristles maximize your results
    • 10 inches long
  3. Matrix® Tri‑Foam Shampoo
    Matrix® Tri‑Foam Shampoo

    This highly concentrated shampoo is formulated with the proper pH and detergent properties to clean and brighten all types of carpet and upholstery. Don't risk damaging customers' furniture with the wrong formula!

    • Ideal for dry foam or hand shampooing of upholstery
    • Highly concentrated shampoo
    • pH: 9.5
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Dilute 8–16 ounces per gallon of water

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  4. Matrix® Red Be Gone
    Matrix® Red Be Gone

    Red Be Gone has a unique chemistry that removes food dye stains by chemically altering their color to make them invisible.

    • Removes red food dye stains
    • Chemically alters color making spot invisible
    • pH: 7.0 (when mixed)
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Mix equal parts A and B solutions

    Starting at $19.81

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