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Four lit candles on a table and text that reads how to remove candle wax from carpetFour lit candles on a table and text that reads how to remove candle wax from carpet

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet

When melted or hot wax drips onto the carpet, wiping it up right away can cause it to smear as it works its way deeper into the fibers before hardening. But when allowed to cool, candle wax can still be difficult to break off and completely remove by hand. Even if you manage to pull off larger pieces, a lingering waxy residue can leave the carpet feeling crunchy or even slick. 

In the following article, we'll outline a few common types of spilled wax that may get stuck in carpet fibers, the best carpet cleaning options for wax removal, and professional products recommended by Jon-Don experts that will help get the job done. 

Types of Wax that May Get Stuck in Carpet 

Certain types of wax react differently to heat. For example, candle wax becomes oily and slick, whereas hair removal wax is gummy and sticky in its heated liquid form. The good thing is that no matter the type of spilled wax carpet stain you're dealing with, there are a few different options to help get the wax out. 

Jon-Don always recommends consulting with a professional carpet cleaner for the best advice and guidance on removing wax from the carpet. 

How to Remove Wax From Carpet 

Before attempting any of the following steps, it's important to check whether the spilled candle wax contains any coloring agents or dyes, which are often found in scented candles and even crayons. Any coloring in the wax could potentially dye the carpet fiber if not treated correctly, which may require it to be re-dyed, bleached, patched, or replaced altogether depending on the severity of the spill. 

If you're wondering how to remove crayons from the carpet specifically, we have a guide for that, too.

Option 1 - Solvent-Based Spotter

  1. Gently scrape and remove any hardened wax with a bone spatula. If you don't have a bone spatula, a butter knife or other plastic scraper will work. 
  2. Apply Matrix® Break Down P.O.G. undiluted to a spotting towel and use a tamping brush to blot it against the spot. Do not apply directly to the carpet, as it may cause delamination. NOTE: Do not use water or any other liquid to clean the carpet before applying Matrix® Breakdown P.O.G., as it can keep the wax from drying out and cause it to seep deeper into the carpet fibers. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

Option 2 - Heat Transfer Method


  1. Gently remove any excess wax with a bone spatula or plastic scraper. 
  2. Place an absorbent towel or Kraft brown paper on top of the wax stain. 
  3. Using an iron on LOW heat, gently move the iron over the towel or paper in a circular motion to soften and transfer the wax. Check every 10-15 seconds to confirm the wax is transferring to the towel or paper. 
  4. Repeat for any remaining wax until most of it has come out. 

If using the iron method, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Test with the iron over the towel or Kraft paper in an inconspicuous area before committing to this method to ensure that the carpet fiber won't be damaged - even by low heat. 
  • Avoid leaving the iron in one spot for too long - keep it moving around and check frequently-every 10-15 seconds-to avoid burning or melting the carpet. 
  • Continually turn to a clean area of the towel or paper frequently to lift as much wax out as possible. 

Warning: Always test material for colorfastness. Follow label directions and never mix products unless specified on the label instructions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary.

The Best Tools and Products to Remove Dried Wax from Carpet 

A professional carpet cleaner only needs a few products and tools in their bag to properly deal with a wax spill on carpet. Jon-Don is your one-stop shop for all your professional carpet cleaning supply needs. From spotters to traffic lane cleaners, truck mounts to power wands, find everything you need all under one roof! 

Check out these frequently purchased items for wax removal on the carpet: 

For more expert tech tips and training, check out our calendar of carpet cleaning seminars. These instructional sessions are geared towards technicians, owners, and managers of carpet cleaning companies to ensure that your clients receive the best care possible. 

Need help troubleshooting a tough spot or stain? Our experts are just a phone call away. Call 800-556-6366 to speak with a member of our team. 

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