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Cost of Running a Dehumidifier or Air Mover

The following is a formula you can follow to find the cost of running a dehumidifier or air mover on a typical restoration job.

Convert Amp draw to kilowatts and multiply kilowatts by the local charge per kilowatthour.



  1. amps x voltage = watts per hour
  2. watts per hour x 24 hrs = watts per day
  3. watts per day divded by 1000 watts (1kw) = kw per day
  4. kw per day x cost per kw per hour= cost of unit per day


  • Dry Air Typhoon : 3 amps x 115 volts = 345 watts per hour
  • 345 watts per hour x 24 hours = 8,280 watts per day
  • 8.280 watts divided by 1,000 = 8.28 Kilowatts
  • 8.28 Kilowatts x local cost = Daily power cost (Note: the national average per kWh is approximately $0.1063)
  • example using approximate average = 8.28 kw x $0.1063 = $0.88 cost per unit per day


Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector, by State:


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