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Mattress Soot Cleanup


How to Clean Mattresses Damaged by Soot

Mattresses that are damaged by soot from a fire can generally be cleaned up. Age and body fluid discolorations may not be removable, however. Deodorization must take place after cleaning of the mattress and box spring.


Basic Method - Cleaning

  1. Vacuum the mattress completely using a backpack vacuum.
  2. Using pump-up sprayer, spray soot-stained areas with Matrix Release diluted at 16 oz per gallon of water.
  3. Agitate the stain aggressively with a nylon brush.
  4. Using an extractor, flush soot-stained areas thoroughly.
  5. Dry with air movers.


Basic Method - Deodorization

  1. Place the mattress in an ozone vault or tent area and deodorize with ozone for 24-48 hours if needed.
  2. Using a pump-up sprayer, apply MasterBlend Anti-Allergen Pre-Spray to the mattress. Allow adequate dwell time, but do not let it dry.
  3. Using an extraction machine and a HydraMaster DriMaster Upholstery Tool, clean the mattress with MasterBlend Anti-Allergen All Fiber Rinse diluted at 1 quart to 5 gallons of water for a truck mount or 2 oz per gallon of water for a portable.
  4. If it is a turnable mattress, turn the mattress and repeat the process on the other side. Perform these steps on the sides of the mattress.
  5. Use a pump-up sprayer and lightly spray undiluted MasterBlend Anti-Allergen Deodorizer to all sides of the mattress.  
  6. To freshen the mattress following deodorizing and cleaning, place the mattress in a plastic mattress bag. Use the extractor’s vacuum hose to remove all the air from the bag, which will cause the mattress to compress. When the vacuum is turned off and the air is reintroduced into the mattress, the deodorizer will be drawn deep into the mattress’s fabric layers.
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