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Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke odor is a pervasive and stubborn odor that lingers long after the flames have been put out. Whether caused by a natural disaster, such as a forest fire nearby, or from an accident, such as a fireplace left unattended or a cooking fire that has gotten out of control, smoke odor can present a challenge to even experienced restoration professionals.

Several factors can influence the severity of the odor:

  • Size of the fire. Obviously, the larger the fire, the more materials have been burned, and the more smoke there will be.
  • Length of exposure. The longer an area is exposed to smoke, the more deeply embedded the smoke odor can be in all porous materials.
  • Size of the room affected. The smaller the room, the more intense and concentrated the smoke odor can become. 
  • Materials that have burned. Different materials leave different odors behind. A wood fire smells different than a protein fire or a fire that affected mostly plastic materials. The type of materials affected may influence the type of products used to remove the smoke odor.

Jon-Don offers a robust selection of products and equipment specifically designed for the removal of stubborn smoke odors. From ozone machines to hydroxyl generators, powerful odor-destroying chemicals to eco-friendly odor-busters, Jon-Don is your one-stop shop for all your odor removal needs.

For assistance in dealing with particularly troublesome smoke odor situations, please contact a Restoration Specialist at 800-556-6366. Our experienced professionals can help you troubleshoot the problem and determine the best solution.

Training Opportunity: Odor Removal Technician is a one-day seminar that will teach technicians how to find out what the customer’s odor problem is without causing them any embarrassment and give them the results they’re looking for. This course covers light, moderate, and heavy odor situations – how to find the source, estimate the job, and provide effective removal.