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General / Basic Mold Remediation

Mold should only be removed by a trained (RIA, IAQA, IICRC) professional. These instructions are for small area remediation. Remember, in numerous states, licensing is required for either mold remediation or applying disinfectants for mold. Be sure to have employees fully protected, including Tyvek suits, boots, full-face respirators or partial respirators with goggles, hard hats, and rubber gloves with cloth work gloves over them (this makes it easier to work with tools).


  1. Determine the size of the area that will need to be contained. Set up your containment using Zipwalls and 6-mil poly sheeting.
  2. Determine size of air scrubber needed (4-6 air exchanges per hour).
  3. Install air scrubber into containment, duct clean air from the scrubber out of the containment area to keep the containment under negative pressure.
  4. Vacuum all surfaces in the containment area using a HEPA vacuum.
  5. Remove all porous surfaces (drywall, carpet, etc.) with mold contamination. The material that is being removed should be placed in contractor bags and disposed of in normal garbage receptacles (e.g., dumpsters). Bags should be sealed before leaving the containment area.
  6. Vacuum all surfaces in the containment area using a HEPA vacuum.
  7. Physical mold removal:
    1. Using a cleaner, all surfaces with visible mold should be scrubbed or sanded to remove some of the mold staining. Without heavy sanding, some of these stains might not be removed. Staining is not an indication of active mold growth.
    2. Using a disinfectant, wipe or spray all surfaces to ensure any remaining (hidden) mold is dead. This will not preclude any health problems from the mold, but it will keep it from further growth.
  8. Again, vacuum all surfaces in the containment area using a HEPA vacuum.
  9. A mold-preventative coating can/may be applied to further ensure no future mold growth.
  10. For larger jobs (over 32 sq ft of contamination) it may be required to:
    • Have a controlled egress area.
    • Have an independent hygienist write a protocol.
    • Have an independent hygienist do post clearance testing.
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  1. Bad Axe MMR Mold Stain Remover
    Bad Axe MMR Mold Stain Remover

    MMR Mold Stain Remover quickly removes stubborn mold stains on building substrate materials, such as wood, concrete, cinder block, hardie board, and vinyl siding. It's ideal for use in attics, crawlspaces, and anywhere else mold stains are a common concern.

    • Removes mold stains quickly
    • Easy application process; no mixing required!
    • pH: 8.0–9.0
    • Ready-to-use formula
    • Coverage: 175–250 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at $42.29

  2. 3M™ 6000 Series Full Face Respirator
    3M™ 6000 Series Full Face Respirator

    The full face 6000 Series Respirator from 3M helps provide respiratory protection from a variety of gases, vapors, and particulate hazards at concentrations up to 10 times the permissible exposure limit (PEL) when properly fitted and used with approved 3M cartridges and filters.

    • Low maintenance
    • Numerous cartridge/filter options
    • Filters and cartridges sold separately
    • NIOSH approved

    Starting at $167.40

  3. MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus
    MediClean® Disinfectant Spray Plus

    MediClean Disinfectant Spray Plus is a water-based bactericide, fungicide, deodorant, and antimicrobial all in one unique formulation. One application kills allergy- and disease-causing germs, fungi, mold, and mildew. It kills odor-causing bacteria, including the bacteria encountered in sewage backups and toilet overflows.

    • EPA-registered disinfectant
    • Kills disease-causing germs
    • Long-lasting residual protection
    • pH: 6.5–7.5
    • Ready to use

    Starting at $49.26

  4. Fiberlock IAQ Advanced Peroxide Cleaner
    Fiberlock IAQ Advanced Peroxide Cleaner (2.5 GL)

    IAQ Advanced Peroxide Cleaner is the most advanced cleaner available for the restoration and remediation professional. It aggressively removes stains and odors caused by mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microbial growth.

    • For use in mold remediation and water damage restoration
    • Penetrates deep into the substrate to remove stains
    • Does not leave chemical residue

    Starting at $97.50

  5. Fiberlock AfterShock Fungicidal Coating
    Fiberlock AfterShock Fungicidal Coating

    AfterShock is an EPA-registered antimicrobial coating designed to kill residual mold and mildew remaining after pre-cleaning contaminated surfaces. AfterShock also inhibits the future growth and spread of mold and mildew on the cured film surface.

    • For use on interior surfaces
    • Durable and easy to apply
    • EPA-registered (EPA Reg No: 73884-1)
    • 10 year warranty
    • Kills and prevents mold and mildew

    Starting at $88.53

  6. Minuteman HEPA MicroVac Vacuum (C82904‑07)
    Minuteman HEPA MicroVac Vacuum (C82904‑07)

    The Minuteman Micro Vac is ideal for mold, lead, or asbestos remediation. It combats harmful allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, and animal dander that collect in carpeting, draperies, and furniture.

    • HEPA filter is 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns
    • Quiet, yet powerful vacuum motor won’t disturb occupants
    • 4-gallon capacity
    • Ideal for mold, lead, or asbestos remediation
    • Tools included
  7. HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber
    HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber

    The HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber features a unique design that delivers an impressive 1,000 CFM of clean, HEPA-filtered air. This unit is so powerful, it can achieve four (4) air exchanges in a 1,850-square-foot basement with 8-foot ceilings! Boost your rental income by as much as 70%!

    • 1,000 CFM of clean HEPA-filtered air
    • Earn up to 70% more rental income
    • Compact size allows for one-person operation
    • Includes a standard HEPA filter and 2-inch pleated filter
    • Weighs just 91 pounds
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