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How to Clean Windows with a Squeegee

Using a squeegee is the most basic way to clean a window. Very large windows should be divided into sections to ensure thorough cleaning. Trying to clean a large window all at once can lead to the solution drying more quickly than it can be removed.


Be sure to overlap slightly in the middle of a large window to prevent the creation of a dividing line between the sections being cleaned. Remember to clean both sides of glass.



  1. Using a squeegee glove, wet the section of glass to be cleaned with the window cleaning solution. Scrape off any residue while the glass is wet and scrub hard to clean portions. Wipe off the ledges and the frame.
  2. Be sure all dirt has been removed from glass before using the squeegee. Begin to squeegee before any dry spots appear. Wipe the blade of the squeegee with a damp towel. Start at the top of the window, tilting the blade so the top 2 inches touch the glass. Pull the squeegee across the top of the glass at a slight angle, making about a two-inch dry strip.
  3. Wipe the blade again with a towel. Beginning on the dry strip that was just created, pull the squeegee downward to 2-3 inches from the bottom of the glass. Overlap the strokes as you go. Wipe the squeegee between each stroke and when finished.
  4. Wipe along the bottom of the glass with a towel to remove the excess water. Repeat the process with the squeegee as described in the first step for the bottom of the glass.