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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Going Green Is Easier Than You Think

As time goes on, people are becoming more and more concerned with going “green” and reducing their impact on the environment. Consumers are making different choices at all levels. From reusable shopping bags to Energy Star® appliances, from fuel efficient vehicles to locally grown organic produce, it’s clear that going green isn’t just a fad, it’s becoming the norm. The shift in attitude can allow companies like yours to capitalize on this window of opportunity. Currently, less than 10% of professional cleaners are using a green cleaning process. Armed with the proper products and information, going green can be easy for any facility. If you want to own the green position in your marketplace, the door is wide open.


The commercial sector is also realizing the need to go green. An estimated two-thirds of buildings are rated as having “sick building syndrome,” and there are over 100 million lost workdays each year due to poor indoor air quality. By using green products and green cleaning procedures, you can reduce or even eliminate the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that normal cleaning products and procedures emit. Better air means employees will take fewer sick days, and that translates into better moral, more productivity, and lower healthcare costs.


More and more, in-house service providers, janitorial staffs, and building service contractors are being asked to change the way they perform their cleaning in order to meet the environmental goals of the property owner. Luckily, going green doesn’t require huge changes in the way you currently clean. In fact, most janitorial staffs are already doing many of the procedures required under green cleaning standards. By making just a few small changes to the processes and products you use, going green can be quite easy.

Implementing a green cleaning program starts with obtaining a commitment from the building owners you service, your suppliers, and business associates. Develop an implementation team, establish a communication system, survey and evaluate current cleaning products and procedures, and then create a pilot program, making changes in small increments to validate the results.


Plus, with today’s technology and scientific advances, you don’t have to sacrifice performance when switching your products and procedures to a more environmentally friendly cleaning regimen. Many green products are just as effective as traditional chemistry, delivering great results for around the same cost. Most of the products you use today contain fillers that offer no cleaning ability and are simply used to bulk up the product. Even in concentrated products, fillers can make up 50-90% of the formulation. Green cleaning products need more of their safer active ingredients to help them clean as well as non-green cleaners with their more caustic formulations. More active products means less filler. The result is environmentally healthier products that clean just as well, if not better.


When it comes to making the switch to green cleaning, Jon-Don has the products, equipment, knowledge, and expertise that building service contractors can trust. From green formulations to energy efficient equipment, Jon-Don is your source for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Not only do we offer a wide selection of in-stock green products, but we also have educated sales reps that are available to help you select the right products for your cleaning jobs. We also offer same-day shipping and most places can receive orders in just 1-2 days!


Customers can request a FREE Guide to Green Cleaning, which gives a detailed explanation of the products and procedures that can guide professional cleaning contractors in their efforts to be more green.


For more assistance in making the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning, please contact a Green Cleaning Specialist at 800-556-6366.