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General Maintenance / Housekeeping

Daily cleaning and maintenance of a building is essential to support its daily operations. Dirty floors, dusty work surfaces, and overflowing trash cans contribute to a poor appearance and create a negative impression on tenants, employees, guests, and patrons. 


Building service contractors, in-house service providers, and other janitorial workers provide an important service that businesses, schools, and governmental institutions depend upon. Clean facilities protect the health and safety of building occupants, promote productivity, and create a positive impression. 


Jon-Don highly recommends that buildings institute a routine maintenance program that outlines the specific cleaning tasks required in every area of the facility. While each maintenance program will be specifically tailored to the individual facility, all cleaning and housekeeping programs should follow the general guidelines below: 


5 Cleaning Guidelines for Every Job

  • Clean from top to bottom. Start by dusting or vacuuming ceiling corners and edges as well as HVAC vents and light fixtures. Bring all the dirt and dust to the lowest level.
  • Clean from dry to wet. Begin by dusting surfaces and dry mopping or sweeping before using spray-and-wipe products or wet mopping.
  • Clean from dirtiest to cleanest. Tackle the worst areas first. Once the dirtiest areas are clean, the remaining cleaning tasks are a snap!
  • Use a pattern when cleaning, for example, work clockwise around the room when dusting or wiping walls. This ensures you won’t miss anything.
  • When mopping, start from the furthest corner and work your way toward the door. Don’t mop yourself into a corner! 


Jon-Don has a full selection of products and equipment that make the general upkeep of most buildings easier and less labor intensive. Not only that, but our janitorial and building service experts are just a toll-free phone call away and can offer free advice from bidding and estimating help to product and equipment recommendations for all jobs, large or small.

Customers can also request the FREE Basic Cleaning Techniques manual. This full-color, illustrated guide covers the step-by-step procedures required for all general maintenance tasks. This manual includes instructions in both English and Spanish.