Wet Cleaning / Fabric Cleaning Code "W"


Upholstery cleaning chemicals are hypoallergenic due to the increased contact with skin. Products used on upholstery must always be tested. Do this by diluting the chemical at the dilution you would use to clean the entire fabric. Look for bleeding, crocking, and color transfer while testing. Check the threading and piping for any abnormalities or different colors.

Open up the cushions at the zipper and look for any magic marker used to mark cushions. Common symbols on tags for upholstery are X - vacuum only, S - Solvent only, W - wet clean, and S/W - solvent or wet clean. Keep in mind that sometimes these symbols refer to the padding and not the fabric. This is why testing is always recommended.


  1. Vacuum the piece well. Be sure to use a crevice tool in the corners and crevices – never stick your hands in those crevices as there is no telling what could be there.
  2. Using a pump-up sprayer, apply Matrix Outset Upholstery Pre-spray undiluted. Avoid spraying any wood furniture or wood parts of the furniture. Wipe the wood with a clean white towel if the pre-spray wets it.
  3. Use a horsehair brush to agitate the heavily soiled areas.
  4. Allow 10 minutes of dwell time for soil suspension.
  5. Using an extraction machine, extract the furniture with Matrix Impression Upholstery Cleaning Concentrate diluted at 1-2 oz per gallon of hot water.
  6. With the extraction machine, dry vacuum all excess moisture especially around the arms and cushions.
  7. Speed dry with air movers.


Using protectors on upholstery
If the fabric is wet-cleanable, you can use any water-based protector (always test first), but dry solvents will penetrate the fibers better and protect better against oils.


Tips for Correcting Common Problems Found in Wet-Cleaned Upholstery

  • Color Bleeding: Stop cleaning, and then apply Matrix Complete Rinse. Spray on, and then rinse off. Be sure to speed dry. You cannot correct the bleeding but you can prevent it from spreading.
  • Yellowing/ Browning: Apply Matrix All Fiber Rinse diluted at 1-2 ounces per gallon of water. Spray on, and then rinse off. Be sure to speed dry.
  • Streaks: Over-wetting, missing an area with the tool, or clogged jets causes streaks. To correct the problem, you will need to re-clean the piece properly. If the jets are clogged, you will need to clean them by soaking them in vinegar and water before re cleaning the upholstery.
  • Water Rings/ Marks: Apply Wally Mist evenly and leave on the upholstery. Wally Mist = 2 pints of rubbing alcohol, 3 oz Downey, and 3 quarts of warm water. Mix all of these together. Spray and leave on.
  • Browning around Piping: The cause for this is excessive wetting in the piping area. To correct this, apply Matrix Target Tannin Stain Remover diluted at 2-6 oz per gallon of water, or apply a Reducing Agent diluted at 1 tsp into 8 oz of hot water. Apply, let dry, and then vacuum off.
  • Color Transfer from the Deck of the Sofa to the Cushions: The color transfer cannot be corrected, but to prevent it, dry the cushions in a teepee fashion with plastic between and underneath the cushions. Never put wet cushions back onto the deck of the sofa.
  • Dark Spots on the Arms of the Chair or Couch: This is usually caused by oils from the body. Use Chemspec Heavy Duty Soil Lifter undiluted. Apply to spots, and then use an upholstery brush to work into the upholstery.
  • Rust around Buttons: This is caused from excessive water around buttons. Apply Matrix Rust Eradicator undiluted to spots.

Always test material for colorfastness, follow label directions and never mix product unless specified in the label directions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary.

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