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Fresh Wave IAQ M130 Vapor System

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  • Dispenses sub-micron (dry vapor) Fresh Wave IAQ molecules
  • Penetrates deep into carpet, upholstery, and walls
  • Safe for use around people and pets
  • Fresh Wave IAQ sold separately
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Product Information

The Ultimate Solution for Deep-Down Odor Removal
The M130 Vapor Unit and Fresh Wave IAQ
Destroy Embedded Odors in Carpet, Upholstery, and Walls in No Time!


For those pungent odors that have seeped deep into carpet, fabrics, and even those that seem to be clinging to the walls, you need a powerful solution.


Typical odor control products will remove odors on the surface, but can’t penetrate further. That’s why the makers of Fresh Wave IAQ created the M130 Vapor Unit.


The M130 Vapor Unit disburses sub-micron size (dry vapor) Fresh Wave IAQ molecules into the air.


These sub-micron molecules are able to not only eliminate the odors in the air and on surfaces, but they also penetrate deep into carpet, upholstery, walls, cabinets, and other absorbent surfaces.


Using the M130 Vapor Unit couldn’t be easier. Simply fill the tank with up to 2 gallons of Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Liquid, plug it in, and turn it on. That’s it! Fresh Wave IAQ will remove smoke, soot, mildew, pet odors, crime scene, skunk, food (ex: curry odors), chemical odors (ex: adhesives, paint formaldehyde, etc.) – anything.


Best of all, the M130 Vapor Unit and Fresh Wave IAQ are safe to use around people and pets. There is no need to evacuate the area while in use, so your crew can keep working.


The M130 is perfect for:

  • Water/fire restoration
  • Real estate (apartments, condos, homes, and commercial buildings)
  • Hotels
  • Cruise ships
  • Sports facilities
  • Schools
  • Anywhere else stubborn, pervasive odors are a problem




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Amps 3 - 5
Category Foggers
Brand Fresh Wave
Condition new
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