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Endurable Concrete Hardener™

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Endurable Concrete Hardener™, 20 GL Kit (4 GL Concentrate)
Item # ST-ECH20-EA
5 Gallon Pail (Makes 20 Gallons)     Qty: 20
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Endurable Concrete Hardener™, 4 GL Kit (1 GL Concentrate)
Item # ST-ECH4-EA
1 Gallon (Makes 4 Gallons)     Qty: 1
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  • Increases surface hardness and compressive strength
  • 100% silica formula
  • Small particle size: 3–8 nanometers
  • Fast reaction times; dries in under 1 hour
  • Coverage: 300–700 sq ft per gallon, depending on surface porosity

Product Information

This 100% Pure Silica Formula Delivers
Harder, More Abrasion-Resistant Concrete Surfaces!


Superior Bonding Characteristics
Colloidal silica is unique in that it bonds with both the silica already present in the concrete as well as itself. This creates a much greater density than can be achieved by other silicate products.


Unlike other silicates, Endurable Concrete Hardener does not leave behind discoloring salt deposits.


Excellent Surface Penetration
Endurable Concrete Hardener contains colloidal silica at the smallest particle size available–3 to 8 nanometers. This along with a unique proprietary solution with low surface tension enables it to penetrate deep into the tiniest pores of the concrete.


Improves Concrete Life and Appearance
Endurable Concrete Hardener enables the polishing process, resulting in floors that look better and last longer. It is compatible with Endurable dyes and stains, making it easy to achieve beautiful floors in any shade.


Endurable Concrete Hardener reduces dusting and efflorescence while increasing surface hardness and compressive strength.


Easy to Apply, Dries Fast
This water-based formula can be applied in minutes with a low-pressure pump sprayer. Unlike other formulas that require an overnight curing process. Endurable Concrete Hardener dries quickly—typically in under 1 hour!


Endurable Concrete Hardener works well with overlay products that are typically low in lime. It can also be applied to new concrete 2–3 days after pour.


Concentrated Formula
Endurable Concrete Hardener is ultra-concentrated, which helps to reduce shipping costs as well as save space on your truck or job site. Just add 3 parts water to 1 part product and you’re ready to go!


Safer Chemistry
Endurable Concrete Hardener is non-toxic and contains zero VOC content. It is safe to handle and requires no hazardous disposal procedures. 




  1. Shake product before mixing with water. Dilute 3 parts water to 1 part product.
  2. Stir the concentrate and water together for 30 seconds with a mixing drill and paddle. It may also be shaken for 1 minute.
  3. Before application, be sure that concrete is clean and structurally sound. It must be free of any sealers, curing membranes, oils, dust, etc. Product must be able to achieve full contact with concrete to be fully effective. Do not use acidic cleaners. Use a PH neutral cleaner.
  4. Use a low-pressure pump sprayer. Be sure to shake product right before putting into sprayer. Use a conical tip that sprays .05 to .15 gallons per minute. Spray with the tip 1 to 2 feet above the surface and use a circular motion to achieve an even application. Spray enough product to achieve an even look of saturation. Keep the surface wet for a minimum of 15 minutes, applying additional product when necessary to keep surface wet.
  5. Allow surface to dry completely. This usually takes less than one hour. If concrete seemed porous on the first application, you may wish to apply a second application to achieve optimum formation of calcium silica hydrate.
  6. When using product in conjunction with polishing, it is best to apply the product at 200 or 400 grit. If desired, ENDURABLE CONCRETE DYE should be applied prior to the application of hardener. A second application of ENDURABLE CONCRETE DYE may be used to achieve a richer color in the concrete after the ENDURABLE CONCRETE HARDENER has been applied and is completely dry.


More Information
Material Concrete
Category Densifiers and Guards
Brand Endurable
VOC Level None
Type Liquid
Condition new
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)