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Metzger/McGuire SPF (Stain Preventing Film) for Epoxy Joint Fillers, Clear

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  • Protects concrete and other surfaces from epoxy joint filler staining
  • Water soluble for easy cleanup and removal
  • Contains no VOCs
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Product Information

Polyurea or epoxy joint filler overfill can result in staining of unprotected concrete surfaces. To prevent this problem on your repair jobs, use SPF.


This water-based, single-component film-forming liquid will protect conventional concrete, colored concrete, stained concrete, tile, and other surfaces from slab staining caused by epoxy, polyurea, and polyurethane fillers and sealants. SPF also makes overfill shaving easier, which reduces labor expenses.


Once the joint filler installation is complete, water-soluble SPF can be easily removed.


SPF contains no VOCs.


LEED Compliant: Yes 



  • SPF is not suitable for use in freezers, due to its water-based chemistry 
  • SPF should not be used when filler/sealant is water based 


Note: Read MSDS for complete product information, including personal protection. SPF can be extremely slippery when applied or if applied film is re-wetted.



Best results are achieved when the surface to be protected is clean and dry, and the temperature is between 40˚F and 90˚F. If SPF has been frozen or stored for a long period, shake or stir to redistribute solids.


Apply to surface adjacent to joint using a foam paint roller or other high-pressure spray application equipment that yields an even distribution. If roller applied, use a foam roller with the smallest pores, such as rollers for polyurethane paints/coatings.


CAUTION: Do not allow SPF to get into the joint and coat walls, as SPF film will compromise filler/sealant adhesion.


Apply SPF the same day as the filler/sealant installation. Allow to fully cure tack free prior to installing joint filler. Tack-free time will depend upon thickness, and will be longer in higher humidity and lower temps.


One coat is generally adequate for most fillers/sealants. Two coats may be needed for some materials and floor surfaces. Always test effectiveness prior to actual installation. When applied, SPF will dry clear, but the treated surface may appear darker (shadowed). This will disappear when SPF film is later  removed.


When filler/sealant overfill is removed, SPF eases labor required to shave overfilled material. If filler is heated to increase razoring ease, exposed SPF film may flake or deteriorate. Some SPF may come off during overfill razoring. To remove remainder, saturate with water, allow to dissolve, then scrape up, mop up, or remove with an auto scrubber.



Tools and surfaces can easily be cleaned with water.



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Color Clear
VOC Level None
Category Joint and Crack Repair
Brand Metzger McGuire
VOC Level None
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