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Hubbell CS8375 250V, 50A, 3‑Phase Female Locking Receptacle

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  • 50 amp
  • 3 phase, 250 V
  • 3 pole, 4-wire grounding
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Product Information

This high-quality, industrial-grade locking receptacle features pins arrayed in a circular manner. The plug is inserted into the receptacle and twisted to lock in place.


While there is a NEMA standard for 50-amp locking plugs it has not been adopted by the industry. Instead a California standard for 50-amp plugs is widely accepted.



Amperage 50 amp
Voltage 3 phase 250 volts
Wiring Scheme 3 pole, 4-wire grounding
Device Color Black
Housing Material Phenolic
Terminal Screw Material Steel pressure screw - zinc plate
Ground Screw Material Steel pressure screw - zinc plate
Body Contact Carrier Material Black thermoset
Contact Spring Material 0.100 in. /0.040 in. brass
Mounting Screw Material Steel-zinc-plated
Base Material Black yhermoset
Ground Contact Material 0.031 in. brass
Bridge (Mounting Strap) Material 0.062 in. steel-zinc-plated
Dielectric Voltage Withstand 2,000 volt minimum
Temperature Rise 30°C maximum after 50 cycles at 150% rated current
Terminal Identification Terminals identified in accordance with UL 498 (X, Y, Z, White, Green)
Flammability HB or better per UL 94 or CSA 22.2 No. 0.6
Operating Temperatures Maximum continuous 75°C minimum -40°C (w/o impact)
Pressure Screw Material Steel-zinc-plated
Terminals Material 0.050 in. steel
Casing Material 0.062 in. steel-zinc-plated
Certifications UL,CSA approvals


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Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Category Electrical Plugs and Adapters
Amps 50 Amps
Condition new