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DriMaster Upholstery Tool, DM3‑HiFlo

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  • Molded glides on the tool lips prevents snagging
  • Easy to clean and remove clogs from nose cone
  • New Jetless Technology prevents overwetting
  • 3-7/8" tool head
  • Great for spot removal on Oriental rugs
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Product Information

Better Upholstery Cleaning with The New and Improved DriMaster 3 Upholstery Tool!

Featuring molded glides on the tool lips to eliminate fabric snagging and unique Jetless Cleaning Technology to prevent over-wetting.


  • Molded glides on the tool lips- Virtually eliminate any chance of fabric snagging. You can move the tool across the fabric with complete confidence.
  • Easy access nose cone- Lets you clean and remove clogs from the unit by removing just four simple screws. No special tools required.
  • Replaceable nose cone- Can be swapped out if chipped, cracked, or broken. Instead of having to replace the entire unit, you can attach a new nose cone and extend the useful life of your tool.


Upholstery cleaning can be tiring, especially when you have a lot of pieces to clean or a very large piece of furniture. The DriMaster 3 is extremely lightweight, weighing less than half the weight of competing upholstery tools, so it helps reduce operator fatigue.


Plus, the DriMaster 3 is 20% larger than traditional upholstery tools, so you can clean more upholstery faster, which speeds up your overall job time.


Of course, the key to good upholstery cleaning is using as little moisture as possible. Excessive moisture can lead to slower cleaning and drying along with increased potential for fabric bleeding, browning, and shrinkage.


Hi-Flow, Hyper-Velocity Jetless Cleaning Technology eliminates the need for multiple passes, over spray, and high-volume water flow. The cleaning solution shears across the fabric, rather than directly spraying into it, which greatly minimizes the likelihood of over-wetting the fabric. In addition, the immediate vacuum recovery of solution flow means less residual moisture, which leaves the fabric cleaner and dryer.


Due to its controlled fluid stream application, the DriMaster 3 Upholstery tool is a terrific spot and stain removal tool for Oriental rugs. It enables you to clean spills from deep within the pile of the rug without leaving the backing wet. 


Fabric is left clean and drier, and the risk of damage is significantly reduced. Most cleaning can be done without the need for a second drying pass. Plus, with no jet to cause overspray, there’s also no jet to clog, so your maintenance costs are reduced!


The new Jetless Cleaning Technology also eliminates the need for a trigger valve, so you can move the tool in almost any direction that is comfortable for your hand and wrists without having to grip a trigger the whole time.


Perhaps the most exciting advantage of using this tool is the fact that you no longer have to bypass your truck mount or high-performance portable! The Hi-Flow, Hyper-Velocity Jetless Cleaning Technology keeps your truck mount or portable heating system operating throughout the cleaning with no heat loss from atomizing a spray pattern.



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Category Upholstery Tools
Diameter (in.) 1.5
Hoses Included Yes
Brand HydraMaster
Condition new
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