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Restoration, Disaster Recovery and Mold Remediation

Flood, Water, Storm Damage Recovery | Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration | Odor and Mold Removal.

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To tackle your toughest jobs, you need a partner who brings

When disasters strike, Jon-Don is ready

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, from the devastation of a hurricane to a backed up sump pump, from an out-of-control forest fire to a small kitchen fire. No matter what the cause, the task restoration professionals are charged with is always the same: get things back to normal -- FAST.

Whether you need a single gallon of an antimicrobial or an entire pallet of supplies, we can fill any size order. While other suppliers scramble to stock their shelves during catastrophic events, Jon-Don is fully stocked – floor to ceiling – with the equipment, chemicals, and products restoration professionals need for every disaster recovery situation, mild or severe.

The restoration industry is all about rapid response. The longer damage goes untreated, the more difficult remediation becomes, and the more dangerous the situation is for building occupants. Water-logged structures can become more unstable, mold can develop, and gray water can advance to black water.

We understand that you can’t afford to wait 5-7 business days to get your order. That’s why 98% of all orders ship the very same day. And with the largest 1- to 2-day shipping area of any supplier, your order will arrive at your facility FAST.

In addition to our extensive inventory, Jon-Don also offers a full selection of certification courses. We highly recommend that restoration professionals attend these seminars to learn about the newest trends and technology in the industry and to brush up on the basics of water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, or odor removal.

Jon-Don also maintains a technical tip library filled with step-by-step guides for various disaster recovery situations. If you encounter a unique restoration situation and need additional support, our Restoration Specialists are just a phone call away: 800.400.9473.

After-hours emergency support is also available by calling 800.400.9473. Our Restoration Experts are always there to take your call, help you troubleshoot a job in the field, and place orders.