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CRETE‑MAXX Novolac Formula

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  • Epoxy mortar patch & resurfacer
  • 100% solids
  • Natural color
  • Coverage per pail: 21.06 sq. ft @ 1/4"
  • Recommended for Areas with High Chemical Exposure
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Product Information

CRETE-MAXX Novolac Formula is our extreme solution to repair and cover your damaged concrete. Each pail contains individually packaged part A Resin and part B Hardener along with our uniquely specified Aggregate to ensure accurate mix ratios for maximum results. Designed for applications where splash and spills of acids and chemicals occur.


CRETE-MAXX Novolac Formula is ideal for chemical troughs, tanks, and chemical spill areas. Although suitable for most immersion applications, immersion of some chemicals will not be suitable. Extensive chemical resistance information is available through your sales representative, however a small test patch is recommended in the chemical exposure area to determine suitability. 


Designed to fully cure at a fraction of the time.



  • 100% solids by weight
  • Provides a permanent way to patch or resurface damaged concrete
  • Three components individually packaged within each pail to ensure accurate mix ratio
  • Aggregate unique to the specified formula included within each pail to save money and time
  • Easily installed by in-house personnel
  • Self-Priming to reduce application time
  • Compressive strength up to several times over that of standard concrete
  • Extended shelf life in an unopened container
  • Provides excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Tooling easily cleaned with water upon immediate completion of the application
  • Trowels like wet sand to completely fill the damaged area
  • Provides a smooth level surface
  • Can be installed at various depths to create or enhance slope


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Category Concrete Patch
Condition new
solids (%) 100
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