Cleaning Office Kitchens and Break Rooms

As businesses across the country navigate a safe return to work, the question of how to most effectively clean the office kitchen and office break room arises. Companies and janitorial teams are bringing office cleaning into stronger focus to improve the health and wellness of employees and visitors. The office kitchen and break room are undoubtedly two of the most high-traffic areas in your building. These areas likely have a constant flow of people in and out, moving about, touching lots of surfaces. They are also the areas where people tend to linger the most, spending the most amount of time as they prepare their food, chatter around the water cooler, and take a minute to relax during their shift.

Proper office cleaning is essential to keep employees as safe as possible, and janitorial and building service teams are working harder than ever before to meet their goals. Here at Jon-Don, our team of experts is helping countless organizations on the path to navigating the "new normal" of office kitchen and office break room cleaning with the emergence and spread of COVID-19. As offices are now following strict PPE guidelines and cleaning protocols, we are here to serve as a source of information and support to those seeking professional guidance. The knowledgeable sales representatives at Jon-Don have decades of industry experience and can help you determine what office cleaning supplies will best benefit your team.

Determining the Necessary Supplies for Office Cleaning

The first step in developing a plan to clean office kitchens and office break rooms is determining what supplies and equipment your team will need. This will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the type of floor you are cleaning, whether you have fabric and upholstery (such as on chairs) that need cleaning, and what high-touch surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected or sanitized.

Additionally, you should make a plan to ensure hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers remain fully stocked for employees and visitors who use each office break room and kitchen. Jon-Don has the solutions you need to implement an effective office cleaning procedure.

Office Cleaning Supplies and Routines

When cleaning any space, including office kitchens and office break rooms, it is essential that you clean from high to low, and from dry to wet. This means starting near the ceilings and working your way down the floors and leaving things such as mopping the floors for last.

Dry Cleaning from Top to Bottom

To begin cleaning an office space, start with things like dusting air vents, removing cobwebs and dust from the ceilings and corners, and then move lower as you complete each task. Make sure you remove dust from the cabinets, counters, tables, window blinds, and more. Lastly, dust around the floorboards and in the corners of the room to ensure there is no debris or cobwebs that have fallen in the process.

What you'll need: Telescopic dusters, dusting cloths, microfiber cloths, brooms and dustpans.

Cleaning Soft Surfaces

After you complete the dusting and dry cleaning in an office space from top to bottom, you will want to address soft surfaces before you move on to wet cleaning. Soft surfaces include plush chairs, couches and sofas, drapes and curtains, and more.

You may want to remove cushions from couches, or take the covers off of them, to properly clean these items. It is essential that you vacuum these items to remove dust mites as well as food crumbs and dirt particles. Using a hose attachment can help you reach into the nooks and crannies.

What you'll need: Vacuum with upholstery attachment, upholstery brush, broom and dustpan, microfiber cloth.

Wet Cleaning Hard Surfaces

After completing dry cleaning from top to bottom, it is time to start wet cleaning in the same fashion. This is the time when you will wipe down surfaces to remove dirt, grime, food residue, fingerprints, and more.

Again, start at the highest point and work your way down to the bottom. Clean the tops of refrigerators and microwaves, kitchen appliances, countertops, windows, cabinets, tabletops, armrests, and other hard surfaces.

What you'll need: Neutral all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, properly labeled spray bottles microfiber cloths, and paper towels.

Applying Disinfectant to Hard Surfaces

Now that you have removed any dirt, soil, and residue from the surface of items in your office kitchen and break room, it's time to apply a disinfectant solution to the hard surfaces. Make sure to focus on high-touch areas including doorknobs, fridge and microwave handles, sink faucets, light switches, and more.

It is crucial that you follow the instructions on the disinfectant label, including those that apply to dilution specifications as well as contact time. Allowing a disinfectant to remain on a hard surface for the correct amount of time is essential.

What you'll need: EPA-registered disinfectant, spray bottles, and rags or wipes. If you are applying disinfectant to a large surface area you may want to invest in an electrostatic sprayer to evenly apply the solution.

Cleaning the Floors

Now that you have worked your way all the way to the bottom, it's time to mop the floors in your office kitchen and break room. If you haven't done so already, sweep and vacuum to remove any loose debris first.

Next, use either a mop and bucket or an auto scrubber to apply a cleaning solution to the floors, depending on the size of the space. Auto scrubbers are ideal for larger spaces as they can cover more area in less time, with less manual labor. If you are cleaning a small space, a mop and bucket will do just fine. Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing an air mover for use immediately after cleaning the floors. Air movers help to speed-dry floors, preventing slip and fall accidents.

What you'll need: Mop and bucket and/or an auto scrubber, along with a neutral floor cleaning solution that is fare for use on the surface being cleaned. You may also wish to purchase an air mover. Be sure to set out wet floor signs to alert other employees that the space is slippery.

The Finishing Touches

Once you mop or auto scrub the floors, there are just a few last finishing touches to take care of. Ensure that all paper towels and facial tissue dispensers are stocked, that the kitchen or break room has hand soap and hand sanitizer, and check for other crucial supplies that the space may need, such as sponges and extra trash bags.

Don't forget to take the garbage out on your way out the door and to replace the bag with a fresh one.

What you'll need: Take an inventory of all the extra items your kitchen or break room uses and ensure that you have proper stock of each product to refill as needed. You may also wish to purchase a large garbage can that you can wheel out to the dumpster once it is full of smaller trash bags from around the office.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Staff safety is essential when creating office cleaning procedures. Often, janitorial and building service teams come into contact with a variety of chemicals and cleaning agents that can pose a hazard if they splash or spill. Ensure that your employees have the proper PPE to protect themselves. Provide them with items such as safety gloves, eye goggles, and respiratory protection, all available at Jon-Don.

The Jon-Don Difference

When you partner with Jon-Don for all your office cleaning needs, you'll get the industry's best guarantee, which includes our commitment to price matching to ensure you receive the best deal possible. Additionally, our knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives will take the time to speak with you and determine which of our products will best meet your office cleaning requirements. You will receive same-day shipping on eligible products and equipment, and so much more. Let's tackle your toughest jobs.