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C4‑R Heater

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  • Weight: 18.8 lbs.
  • 20,000 BTUs of Heat
  • CFM: 750
  • 4 x 12 Amp = 48 Total Amps
  • Xactimate Code: WTR HTAM
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Product Information

The C4R Heater has an external temperature controller which attaches to the front of the machine via a 12' cable. This external temperature controller has a thermal probe which will allow the heater to regulate the temperature based on what the probe is reading and what the temperature of the unit is set at. With an adjustable thermostat, the heater will allow you to control your environment to achieve your goals and your rate.

Your C4-R Heater comes with:

  • 1 x C4 Heater
  • 11" Ducting and Reusable wire tie
  • 2 x 25' Twist lock 120v Extension Cords
  • 2 x 50' Twist lock 120v Extension Cords

Your C4-R Heater has four (4) 120volt plug-inlets for the heat elements. Two (2) located on each side of the C4-R Heater. Each heating element is 12 amps. Only one inlet can be plugged into a 15 or 20 amp (120 volt) circuit. With (4) circuits you can achieve full power of your C4-R Heater. (19,642 BTU's). It is not necessary to plug in all 4 heating elements to operate the heater.

Your C4-R works easily with wall drying systems that attach to an air-mover. Vent the heated air from the C4-R into the intake of the air-mover on the non-motor side. The air-mover will then take the heated air and blow it into the wall or cabinet, etc.

You can also place a dehumidifier in the same room with your C4-R. Make sure that you set the high temperature limit on your C4-R so that the temperature in the drying area won't exceed the manufacturer's recommended working temperature of the dehumidifier.

1-year Manufacturer's warranty on Parts and Labor.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.75 x 14.25 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 18.8 lbs.
  • 20,000 BTU's of Heat
  • 11" Ducting
  • CFM: 750
  • Volts: 110/120
  • Single Speed
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • 4 x 12 Amp = 48 Total Amps
  • Xactimate Code: WTR HTAM


More Information
Volts 110/120
Amps 12 per element
Category Electrical Heater, Heaters
Powered By Electric
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
BTUs 20,000 BTU’s
Condition New
Manual / Schematic