Speed Matters: Why Quick-Drying Carpet is Critical to Customer Satisfaction

Speed Matters: Why Quick-Drying Carpet is Critical to Customer Satisfaction
Written by Jeff Cutshall

When it comes to carpet cleaning, efficiency is key. But even if you show up on time, work quickly, and leave the carpet sparklingly clean, all your hard work will be meaningless if the carpet takes too long to dry. 

In Jon-Don’s Value Added Service for Technicians (VAST) class, we teach that carpet cleaning is a “tolerated inconvenience.” While your customer wants her carpet cleaned, she also wants you out of her home as quickly as possible. And after you leave, she wants her carpets dry as quickly as possible too.

In this article, we’ll talk about the negative consequences extended dry times can have on your carpet cleaning business, plus dive into the top three culprits that leave carpet too wet after cleaning.

The Ripple Effect of Delayed Carpet Drying

Carpet that takes too long to dry harms your business and is much more severe than most cleaners realize. 

The longer it takes for carpets to dry, the more irritated your customer becomes. The more irritated your customer is, the worse her perception of your business. The worse her perception of your business, the far less likely she is to call you back or refer you to her friends and family.

Now imagine that it’s not just one customer who is irritated by slow-drying carpet, it’s 20% of your customers, or even 50% or more. Could your business survive?

Identifying the Culprits: Common Causes of Prolonged Dry Times

Prolonged carpet dry times can result in the loss of valuable customers, harm the reputation of your carpet cleaning business, and decrease your earning potential. 

To ensure you leave carpets as dry as possible, watch out for these three common culprits:

Culprit #1: "Trigger Happy" Technicians

One of the main causes of prolonged drying times is technicians who are overly enthusiastic with the equipment. They may keep the wand handle wide open throughout the cleaning process without incorporating additional dry passes. As a result, excess moisture remains trapped in the carpet fibers, significantly prolonging the drying period. 

Shaw Industries, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world, recommends at least one dry stroke for each wet stroke, but sometimes an additional dry pass or two really helps speed up the drying process.

Culprit #2: Poorly Maintained Equipment

Another contributing factor is the condition of the cleaning equipment itself. Leaking hose cuffs, duct-taped vacuum hoses, or dirty filters can reduce vacuum performance. That could mean that even with extra passes, your equipment still isn’t picking up as much water as it should. Additionally, neglecting regular maintenance tasks, such as replacing worn-out t-jets, can compromise the efficiency of the equipment, leading to extended dry times or uneven streaking.

Culprit #3: Lack of Sufficient Air Movement

Proper airflow is crucial for speeding up the drying process. By utilizing air movers strategically, you can enhance evaporation rates and promote faster drying of carpets. Despite the additional effort required to position air movers, the reduction in drying times justifies the investment and contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Your Customers Want Faster-Drying Carpet

Paying attention to carpet drying times is a critical component of your business’s success. By understanding and addressing the common causes of prolonged dry times, you can elevate your service standards, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately foster long-term business growth. 

Not only will your customers be happier, but you’ll see your repeat and referral business grow!

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About the Author

Jeff Cutshall is a Master Textile Cleaner and Approved IICRC Instructor. He started his carpet and upholstery cleaning journey over 40 years ago and has enjoyed working as an employee, a manager, and a successful business owner. Jeff currently teaches five different classes and has been instructing, consulting, and traveling internationally for over 20 years.