5 Tips to Keep Your Truck Mount Running All Winter Long

5 Tips to Keep Your Truck Mount Running All Winter Long

Cold and freezing temperatures are on the way—and in some areas, have already arrived. There’s nothing more costly to your business than equipment downtime, and with winter beating down the door, NOW is the time to get your truck mount ready to handle the cold!

Damage from freezing is NOT covered under truck mount warranties. So if you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing for extended periods, winterizing your truck mount is an essential part of ownership. 

Check out these tips from the experts at Jon-Don for what you can do to make sure your truck mount performs like it should all winter long.


The absolute most important precaution to take with your truck mount is to keep it from freezing. From the heat exchanger to the pump to solution lines, water that freezes and then expands is deadly to your machine. We recommend keeping your truck mount in a heated garage. Additionally, consider placing a moving blanket over the machine and/or insulating your truck or trailer to trap heat. 

CAUTION: Never leave your truck mount running inside a garage—even with the door open! Carbon monoxide can build up leading to death in minutes.


If your truck mount will be stored in an unheated garage that will reach temperatures below freezing (32°F), you will need to winterize the truck mount so it's ready to handle frigid temperatures.

To properly winterize your truck mount, you'll need to circulate antifreeze through the water system and chemical injection system. You'll need 1-3 gallons of 100% glycol ether antifreeze as well as appropriate hoses. We recommend following the instructions in your owner’s manual or contacting a Jon-Don expert for tips on how to conduct this process. 

Before your truck mount can go out on the job to clean carpet, the antifreeze will need to be flushed from the truck mount, chemical injection system, and solution hoses. Again, follow instructions in your owner’s manual or contact a Jon-Don expert for help or advice.

Whether winterizing or de-winterizing your system, make sure to perform both processes outside or in a well-ventilated area.

Need more help? Bring your truck mount to your local Jon-Don Service Center to have our techs winterize your truck mount for you!


If you’re not lucky enough to have a heated garage (or even if you are), a remote thermometer inside your van can alert you when the temperature falls below freezing. Getting a rude awakening in the middle of the night is much better than going out to the van in the morning and realizing everything is frozen solid.


Your equipment works harder in winter, which puts additional stress on all components. To help your machine perform efficiently, consider descaling it so the heater coils are not jeopardized. This also helps to maintain proper water flow and keep your truck mount functioning at peak levels.


Cold weather can be rough on your equipment, which makes preventative maintenance more important than ever. The only thing worse than having your equipment break down in the middle of a job is having it break down in the middle of a job during winter.

Make an appointment at your local Jon-Don Service Center today by calling 800-556-6366. From 1,000-hour checkup service to winterization to oil changes and repairs big and small, our factory-trained technicians will get your truck mount fixed FAST and back in the field.

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