10 Steps to Build a Great Cleaning and Restoration Company (or Business) That Will Attract Great Employees!

10 Steps to Build a Great Cleaning and Restoration Company (or Business) That Will Attract Great Employees!

Do you want to hire great employees? Of course you do! Every business owner wants to hire the Very Best People (VBP). But in today’s job market, your VBP’s have many career options which means competition for their services is FIERCE.

While a competitive wage is important to attract the VBP (we recommend at least 20% more than your workers can make doing comparable work in your local area), no great employee will stick around long-term based ONLY on a paycheck.

Here’s what experienced business owners know: the Very Best People will only work long-term for a Very Best Company. That means offering more than just a paycheck—you need to offer a career opportunity that a VBP will love.

Check out our 10-step checklist to create a Very Best Company where quality employees build a career because of how they FEEL about their job!

1. Build a fantastic LOCAL image and reputation. 

Many VBP have deep roots locally and don’t want to move away. (This ‘glue’ is exactly what you want in an employee!) So, as a company are you highly visible in your market area? Do you support local charities and business networking groups?

The VBP absolutely will check your company out online BEFORE they even consider working for you. (One more reason to obsess over getting five-star reviews!) Remember that your customers are moved to write great reviews because they LOVE your tech—not just their clean carpets and tile!

VBP BONUS: These fantastic employees (who really are just “great people”) will instinctively and automatically build close, professional relationships with everyone they meet. This likeable personality means your training and motivating load will be greatly reduced.

2. Check your curb appeal.

Does your company look like a “real business?” Does it “look good?” It should! Your marketing, trucks, equipment, shop, uniforms, and signageshould all be tidy, organized and professional… ALL the time! (Maintaining this clean image can be a real challenge in a fast-moving cleaning or restoration firm!)

Of course, it is fairly simple to organize the tangible items above. Your real ‘curb appeal’test? Keeping your widely scattered employees all consistently reflecting your carefully molded company image! The good news? The VBP project your“tidy, organized and professional” image automatically. (It’s in their DNA!) 

Pro TIP:What is the image YOU reflect as the business owner or manager? As you transition off the truck strongly consider dressing in locally recognized executive business attire, such as a long-sleeved dress shirt, a blazer, and a tie.

3. Build a Career Ladder.

Does your company provide at least the potential for growth and advancement? A VBP will need (and deserve) at least the HOPE of not being “chained to a cleaning wand” for the next 30 years! Can you blame them?

NOTE: This is a great reason to grow into a Critical Mass Business– to offer your VBP employees the chance to progress in life! After all, isn’t that why YOU are reading this checklist?

4. Offer true job security. 

The VBP want to create their own job security by excelling as a valued member of your team. They realize they’ll be just a number at a big corporation. (This will be a huge hiring plus for you.) 

Recruiting TIP: Heavily promote to job prospectsthat in your company you are loyal to your valuedstaff and have a no-layoff policy for long-term employees.

5. Provide a Shared Vision.

The VBP need more than just a paycheck. They want to be part of a team working toward something bigger than themselves. So, reflect deeply on what you want your company to stand for in your community. Ask yourself, “Is this a vision that my employees will enthusiastically ‘buy into’ emotionally?

NOTE:You’ll get bonus points if you welcome creative input from your VBP team members. Develop a system toencourage employee suggestions. Then recognize, reward and (most importantly)when possible,implement their suggestions.

6. Develop a ‘Business Infrastructure'. 

These written systems and procedures will create what we call a ‘Triple S’ business culture. (Safe, Sane and Stable.) Why? Because the VBP hate‘craziness’ every day. (And yes, ‘crazy’ describes most businesses in our cleaning and restoration industry!)

NOTE: You can develop these written systems and procedures on your own. OR you can use the turnkey Business Infrastructure included in ouronline SFS Training to build a Critical Mass Business that will run smoothly with you… or without you!

7. Hold your employees accountable.

Your VBP will glory in Positive Accountability—that means generously recognizing and rewarding your VBP when they excel. This creates a culture of excellence where you (and your company) will shine!

HINT: Instead of automatically giving across the board raises consider implementing an Employee Efficiency Bonus Plan. Thiswill put your people’s focus on effectively working together to increase their efficiency- and everyone’s profits! (The VBP will love this idea!)

8. Don't lie! 

Quite aside from the moral and ethical issues involved, the VBP have an advanced ‘lie detector’ wired into their psyche! Sure, you can and should put a positive spin on working for you. After all, you ARE selling the VBPon your company! Just be positive you can deliver or… POOF and your new VBP employee will be gone!

Once again, remember that these VBP are aware that they are a hot commodity in today’s hiring environment. Think about this: do you have a ‘probation period’ for new hires? Of course you do. In the same way, your company’s working conditions, reputation and culture will be on ‘probation’ with your new VBP employees too.

9. Ask yourself: "Would I work for me… long term? Will another quality individual do so?"

Don’t blow this introspective question off. Seriously reflect on it by stepping outside of your role as the business owner. 

  1. Look at your company, 
  2. the job(s) you want to fill and 
  3. the future career you are offering through the eyes of your dream candidate? 

What do you honestly see?

After this brutalself-examinationask yourself the two questions above again. If your answer to either one is an honest “no” then here’s your next task: ponder on 1) how your business stacks up against the eight points above and 2) what you are going to do about it.

10. Keep Your "Fire in the Belly" Burning! 

It takes hard, sustained and at times agonizing effort to build a Very Best Company. But when you are passionate about growing your business, it inspires others to share in your dream. Even better, here is the secret bonus of the Very Best People…

Your VBP will hold YOU accountable! We ALL tend to get complacent with success. But your team of VBP will hold YOUR feet to the fire to fan YOUR entrepreneurial flames in your joint Very Best Companyadventure. (And this is exactly what you need and want!)

About the Author:

Steve Toburen is the director of Jon-Don’s Strategies for Success program. Steve spent over 20 years “down in the trenches” of the cleaning industry as the owner of different janitorial, carpet cleaning and restoration firms. His cleaning and restoration company grew into a nationally recognized operation based on its high per-capita profits in a very small market base. 


Join Steve in our 3-hour, online SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar. Steve will share over 80 pages of recruiting, vetting, interviewing, and onboarding systems to hire (and keep) the Very Best People!