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Artillery Ultimate Flooring Bar (UFB), 48"

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  • Designed to be used standing for maximum comfort
  • Salvage Blade slides under flooring
  • Toe Kick allows you to add extra force with your foot
  • Comfortable Ball Grip reduces fatigue and discomfort
  • Works with other Artillery Tools handles, fulcrums, etc.
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Product Information

Designed for easy and fast removal of multiple types of flooring, the Ultimate Flooring Bar is ideal for demolition jobs of all sizes.


It features a uniquely shaped Salvage Blade that easily slides under flooring, such as tile, wood, glue-down carpet, and more. The standard fulcrum gives you 5 3/4" of prying motion, and the 48" handle keeps you in a comfortable standing position for maximum leverage.


The ergonomic Ball Grip minimizes hand cramping and blistering, even after repeated, long-term use.


For added weight and force, the Ultimate Flooring Bar features a Toe Kick, giving you the ability to push with your foot when trying to pry or scrape difficult materials.


The pieces of the Ultimate Flooring Bar work in conjunction with other Artillery Tool handles, fulcrums, and heads. This bar gives you over 8 different configuration options.


Assembly weight 11 lbs. 12 oz. 



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Category Scrapers
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Condition new