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AEON® PD‑XD Extreme Duty Synthetic Lubricant

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  • Designed for high-ambient temperature conditions
  • Highest viscosity offered by Gardener Denver for maximum protection
  • Service life 4X greater than mineral-based oil under the same conditions
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Product Information

AEON PD-XD Extreme Duty Synthetic Lubricant is designed for high-ambient and high-discharge temperature conditions, providing maximum lubrication for your equipment in any environment or application with minimal energy consumption.


With the highest viscosity offered by Gardener Denver, AEON PD-XD Extreme Duty Synthetic Lubricant is a great choice for positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps. In fact, it is factory recommended for Gardner Denver Sutorbilt®, DuroFlow®, CycloBlower®, HeliFlow® and TriFlow® PD blowers and vacuum pumps.


AEON PD-XD Extreme Duty Synthetic Lubricant is designed to provide longer service life and improved performance. It is formulated with superior oil/water separation and corrosion inhibitors to protect bearings and extend blower life significantly. Added rust and oxidation inhibitors, plus anti-foam additives, provide improved performance as well.


Compared to mineral oil, AEON PD-XD Extreme Duty Synthetic Lubricant is more economical, plus it lasts up to 4 times longer under the same conditions. Mineral oils typically have poor low-temperature properties, which results in increased wear during startup and shortened equipment life. Mineral oils also have increased water content, which reduces the life of your bearings exponentially.


AEON PD-XD Extreme Duty Synthetic Lubricant prolongs service life and results in fewer oil changes and less replacement oil, which helps to reduce your downtime and costs. It's also better for the environment and carries reduced oil disposal costs. (Note: Severe operating conditions may warrant more frequent oil changes. Refer to your equipment’s Operating & Maintenance manual for specific manufacturer recommendations.)


All AEON PD Synthetic Lubricants are custom blended, synthetic hydrocarbon (polyalphaolefin) based oils. AEON PD products are free of toxic materials or heavy metals per OSHA and EPA guidelines. They are compatible with the majority of seal materials: Teflon, Viton, nitrile buna-N, fluorocarbon, polysulfide, polyacrylic and fluorosilicone.



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Prop 65 Text This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, crystalline and Ethyl acrylate which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
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