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MR SURFACE Oil Stain Remover (5 GL)

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  • Removes surface oil stains from a variety of surfaces
  • Ideal for concrete and other porous surfaces
  • Will not etch concrete
  • Ready to use microbe-based formula
Minimum order of 18 pails required
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Product Information

Frustrated by Oil Stains on Concrete?



One of the toughest stains to remove on concrete floors is oil. It tends to sink deep into the pores where standard concrete surface cleaners can’t go, leaving with you with only two options: live with it or spend a lot of money to remove it. That is—until now!


MR-SURFACE is a powerful product that contains live strains of bacteria/microbes that literally digest hydro-carbon-based oils, removing oil from a number of surfaces quickly and easily.


The microbes in MR-SURFACE will not etch the concrete, so there’s no risk of damaging polished concrete. Treated concrete surfaces can be stained or recoated with a sealer or coating without any interference.


MR-SURFACE removes both surface oil stains and older, deep-set oil stains. It requires no neutralization; it only needs to be rinsed thoroughly from the surface after application. It can be used daily or as needed, depending on the job site needs.


Not only is MR-SURFACE a great choice for concrete floors, but it also can be used to clean oil from metals and other surfaces. It’s also effective at remediating oil from soil and water.


The microbes in MR-SURFACE promote oil degradation long after cleaning is complete, helping the area to stay and look cleaner longer.


MR-SURFACE is certified with the NSF Nonfoods Compounds Registration Program

Minimum order of 18 pails required


Easy 3-Step Procedure for Cleaning Concrete Floor


Step 1: Wet the area to be cleaned with water and liberally apply MR-SURFACE undiluted using a handheld or pump-up sprayer.


Step 2: Agitate the floor periodically to help disperse the microbes and break down the oil for faster digestion. Be sure to keep the floor moist while the bacteria in MR-SURFACE are working.


The time needed for cleaning will vary between 30 minutes to several hours. Keep in mind that some floors have been exposed to oil for many years and may need a longer time for the microbes to completely digest all the contamination.


Step 3: Rinse the floor either to a drain or a wet/dry vac to remove the microbes from the floor. Dry the floor thoroughly and then apply a topcoat according to the coating manufacturer’s recommendation.





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Dilution Ready to Use
Application Concrete|Porous Surfaces
Category Chemicals Concrete Chemicals Cement\Grout\Repair, Dyes and Stains
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Application Method Spray
Dilution Ready to Use
Condition New