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PROSOCO Consolideck® DuraSheen (5 GL)

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  • Non-yellowing curing and sealing compound
  • Protects against alkali, oil, cleaners, and common chemicals
  • Dries quickly to a hard, glossy, water-and dust-proof barrier
  • Covers 300-600 square feet per gallon
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Product Information

Consolideck DuraSheen is a non-yellowing curing and sealing compound designed for horizontal concrete where a premium, vibrant gloss and shine are required.


Tough and chemical resistant, DuraSheen protects against alkali, oil, cleaners, and common chemicals. It also prevents efflorescence, dusting, and spalling. Treated surfaces resist construction stains and are easier to clean.


DuraSheen contains no fillers, modifiers, or extenders that can cause cure and seals to yellow, blush, or dull out. Independent laboratory tests confirm DuraSheen’s non-yellowing characteristics outlast and outperform competitive products.


Easily applied, DuraSheen quickly dries and forms a hard, glossy, water- and dust-proof clear shield on concrete. It completely develops concrete's wear resistance and strength. Treated surfaces last longer and become slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, waterproof, and dust-proof. 


DuraSheen is ideal for concrete new or old. It makes an excellent base coat for paints or tile and carpet adhesives, meeting the requirements of the Resilient Tile Institute and the tile adhesion test requirements of ASTM C 1315. DuraSheen passes 300 hours QUV resistance (ASTM G 154) and complies with USEPA AIM VOC regulations.



  • New concrete: 300 square feet per gallon
  • Older Concrete: 400-600 square feet per gallon



Protect people, vehicles, property, plants, windows,  and all non-masonry surfaces from product, splash, residue, fumes, and wind drift. Protect and/or divert foot and auto traffic.


For curing, concrete must be sound and properly finished. Existing concrete must be clean, dry, and in good repair before sealing with DuraSheen.


Ensure fresh air entry and cross ventilation during application and drying. Extinguish all flames, pilot lights, and other potential sources of ignition during use and until all vapors are gone. Avoid exposing passersby and building occupants to product, fumes, and mist.


Surface and Air Temperatures

Do not apply when temperatures are less than 20°F,



Apply by brush, long-nap roller, lambswool applicator, or low-pressure spray equipment. Fit spray equipment with steel or brass fittings and gaskets suitable for solvent solutions. Brushes and rollers should be nylon or other synthetic material resistant to solvent solutions. Avoid atomization.



Do not alter, dilute, or thin. Mix well before use



More Information
Max Coverage Per Gallon 600
Material Cement|Concrete
Color Clear
VOC Level Low
Category Concrete Protector, Floor Sealers
Brand Prosoco
VOC Level Low
Type Liquid
Condition new
Manual / Schematic