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  1. Unitex® Brilliant 25 Low Speed Finish 25%

    Get a durable, high-gloss shine with or without buffing when you use Brilliant Acrylic Floor Finish. When customers require a dazzling finish with fewer post-burnished coats, this clear, color-free high gloss finish does the job with little maintenance.

    • Durable high-gloss shine with low maintenance
    • 25% solids provides excellent coverage
    • pH: 8.1–8.9
    • Coverage: 1,500–2,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $20.48

  2. Betco Hard As Nails Floor Finish

    Betco Hard As Nails floor finish has a unique chemistry that results in a high-gloss, long-wearing finish that cures faster than any other metal-interlock finish.

    • Resists initial scuffing and daily scuffing
    • Clear, high-gloss, long-wearing finish
    • pH: 8.1–8.9
    • Coverage: 2,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $19.71

  3. Betco UNTOUCHABLE® with SRT Low Maintenance Floor Finish

    This low-odor, black-heel-mark-resistant floor finish achieves the highest gloss and wear with the least amount of labor. One coat does the job of two coats of ordinary finish! Untouchable with SRT maintains its high gloss with minimal burnishing.

    • Superior black heel mark resistance
    • Durable, superior protection for your floor
    • pH: 8.1–8.9
    • Coverage: 2,000–3,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $29.05

  4. Betco Hybrid Floor Finish

    When you need a floor finish designed to impress, choose Hybrid, an optically energized, extended-wear floor finish designed to bring a brilliant shine to floors while reducing the need for maintenance.

    • Reduces need for maintenance
    • Prolongs time between strippings
    • pH: 8.2–8.9
    • Covers 2,000–3,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $27.64

  5. Diversey Vectra Floor Finish

    Diversey Vectra Floor Finish provides diamond-like brilliance, clarity, and long-lasting performance, saving you time and labor while giving the brilliant appearance you demand on your floors.

    • Cures on the floor faster than traditional floor coatings
    • Resists dirt embedment, black heel marks, scratches, scuffs
    • pH: 8.6
    • For use on resilient tile
    • Coverage: 2,000 sq ft per gallon
  6. Unitex® Reflection Acrylic Urethane Sealer/Finish

    The combination of urethane and three other polymers fortify Reflection to be exceptionally durable and abrasion resistant. It can be applied effortlessly over new and old concrete, slate, quarry, tile, terrazzo, and marble.

    • Exceptional durability and low maintenance
    • 20% solid urethane finish provides excellent coverage
    • pH: 8.4–8.9
    • For use on hard flooring, including stone and concrete
    • Coverage: 1,500–2,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $27.64

  7. Unitex® Basis Acrylic Floor Sealer

    Basis All-Purpose Acrylic Floor Sealer combines metalized, acrylized emulsion polymer chemistry to treat resilient or non-resilient floors. Warning: do not use on unsealed wood floors.

    • Water-based formulation dries to a satin gloss
    • Non-yellowing formula keeps floors looking great
    • pH: 8.1–8.9
    • Coverage: 1,500–2,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $17.76

  8. Unitex® Rebound Low Speed Spray Buff and Cleaner

    Rebound Spray Buff and Cleaner is formulated to remove black heel marks and repair scuffs while restoring the original floor finish. For use on all acrylic floor finishes.

    • Special polymers heal scars and leave behind a brilliant gloss
    • Excellent at repairing scratches in acrylic floor finishes
    • pH: 8.0–9.5
    • For use on acrylic floor finishes
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $14.89

  9. Unitex® Vitalizer One Step Cleaner and Restorer

    This one-step floor cleaner and restorer is formulated for daily use on resilient and hard floor surfaces using ultra-high-speed applications. Vitalizer leaves floors looking refinished, and it saves time because you eliminate one entire step in the process!

    • Leaves floors looking refinished
    • Cleans and restores in one action
    • pH: 11.0–12.0
    • For use on resilient tile and other hard surface flooring
    • Dilute 2–8 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at: $18.72

  10. Unitex® Freedom High Speed Finish (5 GL)

    Freedom HS is favored by professionals whose reputations depend upon their ability to lay down a perfect shine on a single visit. Cover up to 2,000 square feet of metal cross-linked floor per gallon and get a high, clear gloss that cannot be surpassed.

    • Ideal for high-traffic areas
    • 20% solids; high-gloss shine
    • pH: 8.8
    • For use on resilient tile
    • Coverage: 1,800–2,000 sq ft per gallon
  11. Betco BetcoBest LM Low Maintenance/High Film Build Floor Finish (5 GL)

    Betco BetcoBest Low Maintenance Floor Finish utilizes an exclusive patent-pending technology from Betco. This finish maintains its high gloss with minimal burnishing maintenance, and requires fewer coats than conventional products.

    • Combines a high-solids content and low viscosity for fewer coats
    • Extended-wear formula makes it perfect for high traffic applications
    • pH: 9.0
    • Coverage: 2,000–3,000 sq ft per gallon
  12. Betco Express® Floor Finish with SRT™ (5 GL)

    Need a strong finish that cures fast? Betco Express with SRT is designed to cure fast and provide superior black heel mark resistance. It can be re-coated in as little as 10-15 minutes, allowing up to 6 coats in an hour.

    • Call your local representative for volume deals!
    • 23.80% solids; minimal dry and cure time
    • pH: 8.1–8.9
    • Coverage: 5,000 sq ft per gallon
  13. Betco Matte Finish Low-Gloss Floor Finish

    Betco Matte Finish was specifically designed for facilities that require a protective coating on floors, but prefer a low-gloss appearance. This durable, low-maintenance finish is easy to apply and maintain. The low-gloss appearance makes it perfect for use in healthcare facilities.

    • Low gloss finish with excellent leveling
    • Extended-wear formula
    • pH: 7.0–8.5
    • For use on resilient tile, terrazzo and linoleum
    • Coverage: 2,000–3,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $29.91

  14. Betco Easy Task Thermoplastic Spray Buff

    Betco Easy Task leaves a wet-look gloss that will really WOW your customers. It combines detergents, thermoplastics, and a solvent for terrific-looking floors. Just spray it on and polish with a spray buff pad to remove black heel marks, scuffs, scratches, and dullness

    • Use appropriate pad/brush for the prescribed maintenance task
    • Use with conventional and high-speed equipment
    • pH: 8.0–9.5
    • Effective repair of all floor finish types
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $15.96

  15. Betco Sure Cure Water-Based Urethane Sealer/Finish (5 GL)

    This water-based, urethane sealer/finish revolutionizes the way hard surface floors are sealed. It eliminates the fire hazards and excessive cost associated with conventional urethane sealers.

    • Non-yellowing formula is versatile and easy to maintain
    • Adheres to many different flooring types
    • pH: 8.4–8.9
    • Coverage: 1,500–2,000 sq ft per gallon
    • Requires no etching before application
  16. Betco HI-TECH Wet Look - Medium / Frequent Maintenance Floor Finish (5 GL)

    HI-TECH is a floor finish specifically designed for high-speed maintenance programs. Formulated with a blend of pressure emulsified thermoplastics, this high-solids finish creates a shine superior to conventional acrylic finishes.

    • Professionals choice for a great look
    • Pressurized emulsified thermoplastics prevent powdering, scuffing, and black marks
    • pH: 8.1–8.9
    • Coverage: 2,000–3,000 sq ft per gallon
  17. Betco Structure Finish with SRT Scuff-Resistant Technology

    Betco Structure Finish with SRT is a high-gloss, low-odor floor finish specifcally designed for use on linoleum and marmoleum floors. Structure Finish provides superior resistance to black heel marks and scuffs. It helps to reduce maintenance and prolong the life of the floor.

    • High gloss, low maintenance, low odor formula
    • Superior black heel mark resistance
    • pH: 7.0–8.5
    • For use on linoleum flooring
    • Coverage: 2,000–3,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $25.43

  18. Betco FASTDRAW® One Step High Speed Cleaner & Restorer (4 PK)

    Using this cleaner/restorer as a regular part of propane and other high-speed floor maintenance programs will reduce labor and extend the life cycle of the floor. A one-step product, this formulation effectively cleans the floor while restoring the top layer of finish.

    • A one-step product—no need to re-coat
    • Helps correct slippery floors and eliminates powdering
    • pH: 7.0–8.0
    • For use on most floor surfaces
    • Designed for use with FASTDRAW system
  19. Betco Green Earth® Floor Finish

    Green Earth Floor Finish is a high-solids finish that achieves a clear, deep gloss with fewer coats. This unique formula was developed using highly advanced polymer technology to provide a premium, environmentally preferred floor finish.

    • Extended wear, high-solids formula provides clear, deep gloss
    • pH: 7.0–8.5
    • For use on resilient tile
    • Covers 2,000–3,000 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $31.79

  20. PROSOCO Consolideck® PolishGuard

    Consolideck PolishGuard is a durable, high-gloss, protective coating that dramatically increases the stain resistance of interior concrete floors.

    • Glossy sealer and protector for concrete floors
    • Perfect for floors hardened and densified with Prosoco LS and LS/CS
    • Adds depth and luster to colored concrete
    • Low odor, easy to apply, fast drying
    • Coverage: 400 to 800 sq ft per gallon

    Starting at: $105.96

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