Flood Extractors & Water Removal Equipment

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  1. Mega 3 Flood Extractor

    The Mega 3 is a portable flood water extractor with the power of a truck mount! Its unique design and patented water removal technology allows the Mega 3 to remove water at the rate of 20 gallons per minute!

    • Dual 3-stage vacuums
    • 14 gallon waste tank and Auto discharge
    • 202 CFM, 20 GPM
    • 2 power cords
    • Wand and discharge hose not included
  2. KleenRite MEGAx Flood Extractor

    The KleenRite MEGA X is a powerful portable extractor specifically designed to handle extreme water damage jobs. With its dual, high-performance single-stage vacuum and a pump capable of removing 46 GPM, this unit extracts and empties FAST! 

    • Dual, high-performance single-stage vacuums
    • 14 gallon waste tank and auto discharge
    • 316 CFM, 46 GPM
    • Two 25-foot permanently attached power cords
    • Wand not included
  3. Dri-Eaz HVE 3000 Portable Flood Extractor and Inline Truck Mount Booster

    Two Functions—One Machine! The HVE 3000 does double duty as a stand-alone portable flood extractor OR as an inline truck mount booster.

    • Boosts the vacuum performance of your truck mount
    • Works as a stand-alone high-volume flood extractor
    • 12-gallon waste tank
    • Auto pumpout and quick gravity drain
  4. Flood King Portable Water Extractor

    Power and versatility! The innovative design of the Flood King has increased the efficiency of the airflow by top mounting dual 3-stage vacuums, thus eliminating bends in the vacuum hoses that would normally restrict airflow.

    • Dual 3-stage vacuums
    • 100 inches of water lift
    • 170 CFM
    • Single cord, 13-amp operation
    • Wand not included
  5. Phoenix Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor

    The Phoenix Hydro-X Xtreme Xtractor is the most effective and efficient extraction tool on the market today. No other extractor today can pull as much water from the carpet and pad as the Xtreme Xtractor.

    • Can be used with Hydro-X Vacuum Pac, truck mounts & some portables
    • Extracts in both forward and reverse
    • Use only on carpet with padding
    • Extract 1,200 sq ft of carpet and pad in under 2 hours!
    $3,930.00 Add to Cart to See Price
  6. Phoenix Hydro-X Vacuum Pac

    No truck mount or portable extractor needed to tackle huge jobs. The Hydro-X Vacuum Pac solves your biggest extraction problem: friction loss due to huge quantities of water moving through hundreds of feet of hose.

    • Two powerful vacuum motors
    • Portable unit can be hand-carried
    • Can be used with more extraction tools
  7. Water Claw Sub-Surface Flood Extractor

    The Water Claw sub-surface flood tool allows you to remove standing water without removing carpet or pad. It can be used on virtually any kind of carpet or any class of water loss. Body weight helps compress the water out.

    • Available in two sizes
    • For use with truck mounts or portables
    • Can be used on any carpet and any class of water loss

    Starting at: $412.00

  8. Water Claw Flood Tool with Injectors

    The classic Water Claw just got a major upgrade: two built-in flushing ports. Now you can attach your solution line to the medium Water Claw and thoroughly flush an area while you extract–great for pet urine and major contamination removal jobs!

    • Medium-size Water Claw - 10" x 17"
    • Two flush ports on underside of extraction head
    • Clear acrylic top plate for viewing extraction results
    • Upright adjustable handle
    • Ideal for restoration and pet urine jobs
  9. Dri-Eaz Rover HVE Ride-On High Volume Extractor (F354)

    For thorough water extraction and amazing maneuverability, the Rover High Volume Extractor (HVE) is the professional restorer's favorite. Control separate drive wheels with the Rover's joystick. You can easily maneuver around the sharpest corners.

    • Extract 1,200 sq ft of carpet and pad in under 2 hours!
    • Can be used with some portables and all truck mounts
    • Moves easily around corners and in tight spots
    $3,849.00 Add to Cart to See Price
  10. Ermator S50 Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum

    The Ermator S50 is a compact, single-motor wet/dry vacuum that is specifically designed to work with a power tool (up to 1,800 watts). The tank holds up to 14 gallons and can accept a bag for safer, dust-free emptying of the vacuum.

    • Ideal for hand grinders and other tools up to 5" blade size
    • 129 CFM; 100" water lift
    • 120 volts; 9 amps
    • Automatic filter-shaking system
    • 14-gallon wet/dry capacity
  11. Ermator S25 Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum with Power Tool Outlet

    The wet/dry vac that concrete flooring professionals have been asking for! The Ermator S25 Wet/Dry HEPA vac is a compact, single-motor wet/dry vacuum that is specifically designed to work with a power tool (up to 1,800 watts).

    • Variable speed vacuum motor
    • A sensor indicates if a filter is clogged
    • Lightweight, compact, and easy to transport
    • Wet and dry HEPA
    • 7-gallon recovery tank
  12. Prospector® PE1200 Carpet & Hard Surface Extractor 1,200 PSI

    The PE1200 Prospector Extractor produces 1,200 PSI—maximum power for superior hard surface cleaning. Plus, with auto fill and auto dump capability, you get constant working pressure from start to finish.

    • 400–1,200 adjustable PSI pump
    • 170 inches of water lift
    • 99 CFM
    • 12-gallon solution and recovery tanks
    • Auto-dump and auto-fill for continuous operation
  13. Dri-Eaz Water Extraction Tool (Wand)

    The Dri-Eaz Extraction Tool makes fast work of any flood extraction job. Its patent-pending glide creates a powerful seal to maximize carpet compression while still allowing enough airflow to ensure thorough water removal from all carpet types.

    • Ergonomic rotomolded handle for all-day comfort
    • Instant vacuum release lever
    • Easy-clean rotomolded head with replaceable glide
    • View window in head shows extraction progress
    • Rugged stainless steel tube
  14. Water Removal "S" Wand

    This is a 2-inch water removal wand with a 14-inch wide head. No Jets.

    • Used for water removal
    • Great on water restoration jobs
  15. WATER CLAW Spot Lifter

    The WATER CLAW Sub-Surface Spot Lifter allows you to easily remove contaminants without removing carpet or pad. The clear acrylic top lets you watch all liquids being extracted from carpet. This handy tool accepts both 1 1/2" and 2" hose cuffs.

    • Remove contaminants without removing pad
    • Great in spotting and pet odor removal
    • Size: 8 x 7 inches
    • For use with truck mounts or portables
    • Compact design
  16. Shop Vac Wet/Dry Vacuum 61070

    Built tough for commercial use, the Shop Vac Wet/Dry has a powerful 2 HP 2-stage motor that provides 100 CFM and 80 inches of water lift. It's tough enough to handle serious cleanup jobs with lots of debris and liquid spills.

    • Great wet/dry vacuum for commercial settings
    • 10-gallon capacity
    • Durable stainless steel tank
    • Includes 4-piece commercial tool kit
    • 1 year commercial warranty
  17. ProTeam ProGuard 10-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac with Tool Kit

    The ProGuard 10 Wet/Dry Vac from ProTeam has a 10-gallon recovery capacity, making it the perfect size for cleaning average to large spills at the job site. This unit has a heavy-duty two-stage bypass motor that creates 105 CFM and 95 inches of water lift.

    • Large enough for big spills, yet compact for easy moving
    • 2-stage heavy-duty bypass vacuum motor
    • Provides 95" of water lift and 105 CFM
    • 10-gallon capacity
    • Hose and onboard tools included
  18. ProTeam ProGuard 15-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac with Tool Kit
    The ProGuard 15 Wet/Dry Vac from ProTeam has a 15-gallon recovery capacity, making this unit ideal for large job site cleanup tasks or general floor cleaning throughout your entire facility.
    • 15-gallon wet/dry capacity
    • Powerful 2-stage bypass vacuum motor
    • 95 inches of water lift; 105 CFM
    • Balanced ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability
    • Onboard tools included
  19. ProTeam ProGuard 20-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac with Tool Kit

    The ProGuard 20 Wet/Dry Vac from ProTeam has a 20-gallon recovery capacity, making this unit perfect for large job site cleanup tasks, general floor cleaning throughout your entire facility, and even flood recovery.

    • 20-gallon capacity
    • Front-mount squeegee sold separately
    • Powerful 2-stage bypass vacuum motor
    • Ergonomic cart system for easy maneuverability
    • Onboard tool kit included
  20. Pullman-Holt  HEPA 12-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum with Tools (102ASB12P)

    The 102ASB is specifically designed to handle the roughest abatement, remediation, and restoration work you can throw at it. You get HEPA filtration, a tight air gasket seal, and the most efficient recovery of dust and debris on any job site.

    • Two-stage, 2 HP commercial-grade bypass motor
    • 110 CFM; 105" of water lift
    • HEPA filtration (99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns)
    • Tight air gasket seal prevents leaks and ensures vacuum efficiency
    • Picks up almost any dry debris or liquid
  21. Nobles Wet/Dry Vacuum, 15-Gallon (V-WD-15)

    The compact design makes it easy to maneuver and use even in congested areas. Plus, the powerful 1.3 HP motor will help you clean up to 18,000 sq ft/hour!

    • Heavy-duty, virtually indestructible housing
    • Compact design for easy maneuverability
    • Equipped with a quick-drain
    • Includes contractor tool kit
    • Front-mounted squeegee capability
  22. Minuteman Wet/Dry Vac 290, 15 Gallon

    When you need a dependable wet/dry vac in your equipment arsenal, look no further than this great model from Minuteman. Durable construction, large capacity, a powerful motor—everything you need in one compact package!

    • 15 gallons dry capacity, 12 gallons wet capacity
    • Convenient drain port
    • Sure Fit Ultra-Lock system keeps hose in place
    • Tool kit included
  23. Sapphire Scientific Big Gulp 4500 Truck Mount

    Tackle the largest commercial flood loss jobs with the Big Gulp 4500! This heavy-duty flood extractor is designed to do one thing: extract enormous quantities of water. It features dual inlet ports, so two techs can work at the same time, boosting productivity!

    • Sapphire's most powerful extraction truck mount
    • Dual operator capable
    • Belt driven for quiet operation
    • Powdered belt cooling system
  24. HydraMaster Titan H2O Truck Mount

    The TitanH2O is designed specifically for water damage restoration jobs. This powerful slide-in truck mount features a 32.5 HP liquid-cooled Kubota engine and produces 400 CFM. It removes large quantities of water and is 75% easier to operate than a traditional truck mount.

    • Designed for flood extraction
    • Extreme water recovery for fast drying times
    • Dual wand capability
    • 75% easier to operate than traditional truck mount
    • Requires 50% less maintenance

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