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Dri‑Eaz HVE 3000 Portable Flood Extractor

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  • Boosts the vacuum performance of your truck mount
  • Works as a stand-alone high-volume flood extractor
  • 12-gallon waste tank
  • Auto pumpout and quick gravity drain
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Product Information

The Dri-Eaz HVE 3000 does double duty as a stand-alone portable flood extractor OR as an inline truck mount booster.


As a high-volume stand-alone flood extractor, pair the HVE 3000 with the Rover, Water Claw, or your wand of choice for fast water removal. Or use the HVE 3000 to boost the vacuum performance of your truck mount on extremely long hose runs - as much as 300 feet!


The HVE 3000 is a life saver when you've got to remove excess water in large or multi-level units like apartments, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, and large residential homes.


  • High vacuum performance - Dual vacuum blowers and 2-inch inlets and outlets for maximum airflow.
  • High maneuverability - Unique vacuum hose and housing design makes moving the unit easy - just pull on the hose! The slim, 22.5-inch profile smoothly rollson 8-inch pneumatic wheels and fits through the narrowest doors.
  • High-capacity waste tank - A 12-gallon tank means fewer trips to the drain.
  • Auto pumpout and quick gravity drain - Features a standard garden hose connection for auto-pumpout, or you can use the large toilet-height gravity drain.
  • Exhaust air passes through HEPA filter - This handy feature captures contaminates instead of spreading them!
  • Superior debris handling - The filtering system captures debris before it gets to the truck mount tank, saving you cleanup time.


Product Features

  • Easiest cleanout filter - Just pop the clamps on the clear plastic cover and lift out the basket for rinsing.
  • A high-flow, high-volume, clog-resistant sump pump - Handles up to half-inch solids.
  • Rugged construction - Rotomolded housing resists dings and scratches.
  • Low center of gravity - Provides balanced transport; easy on stairs!
  • Bypass the waste tank - Ideal for for black water flood extraction to keep the tank clean.


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