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Dri‑Eaz Rover HVE Ride‑On High Volume Extractor (F354)

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  • Extract 1,200 sq ft of carpet and pad in under 2 hours!
  • Can be used with some portables and all truck mounts
  • Moves easily around corners and in tight spots
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Product Information

For thorough water extraction and amazing maneuverability, the Dri-Eaz Rover High Volume Extractor (HVE) is the professional flood restorer's favorite.


Control separate drive wheels with the Rover's joystick. You can easily maneuver around the sharpest corners. Its patent-pending stainless head with custom polymer glide has a self-healing edge that easily rides over the carpet to maximize extraction on all types of carpet.


The Dri-Eaz Rover HVE features an easy 2-speed switch to optimize extraction effectiveness. It also has a clear take-up tube that shows your progress while you work.  Integrated wheels make it easy to transport the Rover HVE from the van to the job and back.  The unit's ergonomic handle collapses easily for storage too.


Product Features

  • Extract 1,200 sq ft of carpet and pad in under 2 hours!
  • Can be used with some portables and all truck mounts.
  • Separate drive wheels allow the Rover HVE to move easily around corners and in tight spots.
  • Replaceable polymer glide slides firmly over all carpets, sealing the extraction area to provide deep-down water removal.
  • Joystick is rated for 5 million cycles.
  • Collapsible handle designed for space-saving storage and ease of transport.
  • Front-loading wheels make the unit easy to transport and store.
  • Extraction can be visually monitored through the clear take-up tube.




A little proactive maintenance can go a long way to keep your Dri-Eaz Rover High Volume Extractor in top operating condition. There are components you should inspect regularly, and others should be checked every six months or yearly. When performing any maintenance, start with safety in mind – unplug the unit and be careful of pinch points and sharp edges that might cut hands and fingers.


On a regular basis 

Before each use (monthly at a minimum), inspect the electrical cord and plug for damage and repair or replace it, if needed. Check the extraction edges of the polymer glide for sharp edges or burrs. These can potentially catch and unravel carpet fibers, causing damage. If you find damage on the polymer glide, replace it right away. You also want to inspect the stainless extractor head for burrs or dings. For minor burrs or roughened edges, carefully sand or file the metal lightly to smooth it down.


Always check the polymer glide holes to be sure they aren’t clogged or damaged with gunk, carpet fiber, pet hair, large pebbles, etc. Clogged holes reduce suction and that reduces extraction performance. If you are on a job and discover an obstructed hole, try using a wire to dislodge it.


Drive motor maintenance at six months and beyond

Around every six months, check the drive components, which are visible from the bottom of the unit. Look for corrosion, oil residue, misalignment, obstructions, etc. After 1–2 years or 1200–1500 hours of use, whichever comes first, it’s probably time to think about replacing the drive motors. Each wheel has its own drive motor.


Keeping your Rover Clean

Wipe the base with soap and water, including the cover and the insides of the extraction head and the hose connection. Be careful not to allow water into the control box or motors. Water can seep in through the mounting holes for the switches – it’s best to carefully wipe these areas clean. For the rotomolded parts of the unit, products like MircroGuard Equipment Cleaner and MicroGuard Equipment Protectant can help give a like-new clean and protective shine.



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