Fecal Matter Removal from Carpet


How to Remove Fecal Matter from Carpet

The IICRC recommends that any carpet and pad that has been contaminated with fecal matter from a water loss be replaced. The following steps for cleaning fecal matter are for spots caused by a young child or family pet.


Basic Method

  1. Apply Matrix® Spot Out undiluted. Tamp and blot with a tamping brush and spotting towel.
  2. Apply Matrix® Release undiluted to a clean white spotting towel. Tamp and blot against the spot with a tamping brush.
  3. Apply Matrix® Target Tannin Stain Remover undiluted. Tamp and blot with a spotting brush and spotting towel.
  4. Rinse the carpet with water.
  5. Dilute 32 oz of Matrix® Bottom Line Odor Eliminator per gallon of water and apply to the affected area with a pump-up sprayer.
  6. Apply Odorcide 210, Fresh Scent diluted per label instructions.


Warning and Cautions: Always test material for colorfastness, follow label directions, and never mix product unless specified in the label directions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary. 

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  1. Nylon Spotting Brush

    This 10-inch-long spotting brush features short, stiff white nylon bristles that stand up well against daily tamping and brushing activities. Use this brush for agitating spotting solutions for thorough cleaning performance.

    • Ideal for use on tough spots
    • Stiff nylon bristles maximize your results
    • 10 inches long
  2. Matrix® Bottom Line Pet Odor Eliminator

    The live, enzyme-producing bacteria in Bottom Line digest organic waste and destroy urine odors at their source for permanent odor removal. This non-toxic brand stands up to high temperatures and pH without losing effectiveness.

    • Provides permanent odor removal
    • Uses enzymes to digest organic waste
    • pH 7.0–8.5
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $18.30

  3. Matrix® Release

    A highly effective pre-spray for heavily soiled, greasy traffic lanes, Release also makes an excellent general-purpose spotter that may be mixed with solvents or water.

    • Great pre-spray and spotter
    • Removes oil and water combination stains
    • pH: 9.5–10.5
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $8.24

  4. Matrix® Spot Out Spotter

    Spot Out is a water-based spotter that removes even the most stubborn oil- and water-based stains fast so you can get on with your cleaning. It's our most popular all-purpose carpet spotter because it works—FAST!

    • All-purpose spotter
    • Removes oil- and water-based spots
    • pH: 8.8
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $6.19

  5. Matrix® Target Tannin Stain Remover

    Target is ideal for removing alkalines and tannin stains, such as coffee, tea, urine, perfume, and others. This acid-side spotter can also be used for correcting browning, dye reversal, and setting fugitive dyes. It is also excellent for removing ice melt residue.

    • Acid spotter ideal for correcting browning
    • Removes alkalines, coffee, tea, urine, and perfumes
    • pH: 0.05–1.0
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Dilute 2–6 ounces per gallon of water

    Starting at: $9.10

  6. Handy Guard® Latex Exam Gloves, 4.0 mil, Powdered, White

    These high-quality exam gloves are the most basic and affordable latex option for non-medical, general-purpose applications. Made with natural rubber latex and pre-powdered with edible cornstarch, these gloves fit well and slide easily onto the user's hands.

    • Powdered latex glove
    • 4.0 mil thickness; non-slip grip
    • Non-medical, general-purpose use
    • Disposable
    • 100 gloves per box; 10 boxes per case (XL 90 per box)

    Starting at: $6.52

  7. Handy Guard® Industrial Grade Nitrile Exam Gloves, 5 mil, Powder Free, Blue

    Enjoy dependable hand protection with these disposable 100% synthetic nitrile gloves. Powder-free and latex-free, there is no risk of allergic reactions to natural rubber latex protein. These gloves provide protection from chemicals, solvents, grease/oil, and blood/bodily fluids.

    • Latex- and powder-free
    • Puncture resistant
    • 5 mil thickness
    • Micro-textured surface for a non-slip grip
    • 100 gloves per box; 10 boxes per case (XL 90 per box)

    Starting at: $9.57

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