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  1. Castex/Nobles/Tennant Nylon Brush Soft 16" (1042499)

    Castex/Nobles/Tennant Nylon Brush Soft 16" (1042499)

    ea 16" Soft Nylon Brush
  2. Prochem Procaps Brush/Hub Assembly (8.621-485.0)

    Prochem Procaps Brush/Hub Assembly (8.621-485.0)

    Single black brush/hub assembly for Prochem Procaps/Procaps Deluxe encapsulate machine.
    • Prochem
    • Single Brush and Hub Assembly
    • For Use with Procap/Procap Deluxe
    • 2 Required per Unit
  3. Showerfeed Brush

    Starting at: $53.23

    Showerfeed Brush

    The carpet cleaner's choice for shampooing the most heavily soiled carpets. The 0.028 gauge nylon bristles do an outstanding cleaning job on all carpet types. The showerfeed block is heavy-duty, water-resistant plastic and won’t crack, warp, or rot. Sold with 5” center hole. Note: Does not include clutch plate.

    • Use for general to heavy hard floor scrubbing and carpet shampoo
    • Nylon bristles are more flexible and last longer
    • Water-resistant plastic block
    • Sold with 5-inch center hole
    • Comes in 11-, 13-, 14-, 15-, 17-, 18-inch sizes
  4. Adjust-A-Glide Carpet Shampoo Brush - Various Sizes

    Starting at: $50.81

    Adjust-A-Glide Carpet Shampoo Brush - Various Sizes

    If you're tired of replacing brushes due to bent bristles, you'll love the Adjust-A-Glide brush. It features 0.025 guage polypropylene bristles that remain standing straight, so the tips do all the cleaning. The plastic showerfeed block will not warp, crack, or rot, plus, the glider can be adjusted as bristles wear over time. You get a lot of bang for your buck with a product that lasts the long haul! Sold with 5" center hole.
    • Designed to prevent bristles from bending sideways
    • Can be adjusted as bristles wear
    • Reduces operator fatigue
    • 5-inch center hole
  5. Cimex White Nylon Carpet Brushes w/ Diffuser (3 PK)

    Cimex White Nylon Carpet Brushes w/ Diffuser (3 PK)

    This long-lasting carpet bursh is safe for commercial carpets. Made with a diffuser to help distribute detergent evenly over carpet.

    • Long lasting
    • Distributes solution evenly
    • Safe for commercial carpet
  6. Bonnet with Stripes

    Starting at: $30.75

    Bonnet with Stripes

    Need a more aggressive, thinner profile bonnet? Get the one janitorial and carpet pros pick—after all, they face heavily soiled carpets and require the cleanest bonnets. This one is striped with 70% rayon and 30% polyfiber blend. It really lasts!
    • Green scrubbing strips for aggressive action
    • Available in 17, 19, and 21 inches
    • Ideal for medium to thick carpet
    • Absorbent, blended, looped-end yarn
    • Sold individually or in cases of 6
  7. Loopy Bonnet

    Starting at: $17.24

    Loopy Bonnet

    This loopy design is made from a heavy-duty 50% rayon and polyester blend that takes repeated use and laundering. It features five rows of cut and looped ends for maximum cleaning. It's also ideal for handling wicking issues. Bonnet mounts easily to standard, 175 RPM rotary floor machines.
    • Aggressively loosens soil and soaks up dirt
    • 50% rayon/polyester blend
    • Loopy design
    • Launderable
  8. Pro's Choice Pro Sorb Bonnet

    Pro's Choice Pro Sorb Bonnet

    Pro Sorb Bonnets bring low-moisture cleaning to a whole new level. These bonnets have tightly twisted fibers on one side to provide the perfect scrub surface to agitate and shear soil from the carpet fibers. The loose, loopy cotton on the other side soaks up dirt and solution like you won't believe.
    • Use with the new APE system
    • Engineered for great results in low-moisture cleaning
    • Popular, effective bonnet
  9. Carpet Bonnets for Dirt Wacker Floor Machine - 6-inch

    Carpet Bonnets for Dirt Wacker Floor Machine - 6-inch

    These 6-inch bonnets fit the Dirt Wacker Floor Machine (Item#: UN-DW6-EA).

    • Same-day shipping!
    • 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee!
    • Free technical support!
  10. Hand Bonnet with Stripe

    Hand Bonnet with Stripe

    This 8” bonnet provides extra agitation with a scrubbing strip for more heavily soiled upholstery. It also features a pocket for your hand to make spotting easier.

    • 8-inch diameter
    • Polyester/rayon blend material
    • Provides extra agitation
  11. Hand Bonnet - 8-inch

    Hand Bonnet - 8-inch

    The Hand Bonnet is an excellent tool for foam shampooing upholstery. Simply dip this 8" bonnet into a shampoo solution and wring it out to produce the amount of dry or wet foam desired. The Hand Bonnet is great for hard-to-clean arms, corners. etc. Polyester/rayon blend material.
    • 8-inch diameter
    • Polyester/rayon blend material
    • Ideal for hard-to-clean arms, corners, etc.
  12. Bonnet Spotting

    Bonnet Spotting

    This labor-saving bonnet makes large-scale spotting (usually encountered on commercial sites) a snap. When attached to a utility pad holder, this spotting pad swivels for convenient access to hard-to-reach areas.

    • Allows for upright spotting
    • Designed to keep operator from exposure to fumes
    • Bonnets fit on utility pad holder
  13. Vibrant Commercial Carpet Brush

    Vibrant Commercial Carpet Brush

    The Vibrant Commercial Carpet Brush is a terrific spotting brush for commercial carpets. With dual sets of bristles—one firm and one soft—you can choose the right level of agitation for the job. Roller wheels and a telescopic handle make this a comfortable and easily maneuverable brush, especially on larger commercial jobs. Ideal for spotting with an encapsulant.

    • Spotting brush for commercial carpets
    • Dual sets of bristles—one firm and one soft!
    • Roller wheels for easy maneuverability
    • Telescopic handle for operator comfort
  14. Grandi Groom

    Grandi Groom

    Use the Grandi Groom to agitate pre-sprays with ease, allowing the chemical to reach soils and dissolve them prior to extraction.

    • Ideal for agitating pre-spray into carpet
    • Excellent for working protector into carpet fiber
    • 18-inch wide head
    • Complete with handle and head
  15. Grandi Brush

    Grandi Brush

    The Grandi Brush features a single row of nylon fibers that have been designed specifically to give maximum penetration on commercial grade level and multi-loop carpets.

    • Designed to give maximum penetration on commercial grade carpet
    • Like the Grandi Groom but with nylon brush bristles
    • 18-inch wide head
    • Includes a handle
  16. Grandi-Groom Conversion Kit

    Grandi-Groom Conversion Kit

    The Grandi-Groom Conversion Kit consists of our Grandi Brush head with dual head connector to attach to your existing Grandi Groom to create a two-headed grooming tool.

    • Conversion kit to make a two-headed grooming tool
    • Comes with all the hardware to convert the CA-G180
    • Same-day shipping!
  17. Carpet Comb - 14.5"

    Carpet Comb - 14.5"

    For the widest range of carpet grooming, this carpet comb has 600 teeth of polypropylene along a 14.5" surface, creating a combing surface of 35 sq inches..

    • Grooms carpet before or after cleaning
    • 600 teeth of polypropylene along a 14.5" surface
    • Threaded handle sold separately
  18. Pile Brush without Handle

    Pile Brush without Handle

    This pile brush features three rows of stiff, flagged, nylon bristles anchored in a 1-1/4 x 18-inch wood block. Use it to agitate traffic areas on commercial carpets. Sold without a handle.
    • Constructed of stiff, flagged nylon
    • Measures 1 1/4 x 18 inches
    • Use to agitate traffic areas on commercial-type carpets
    • Wood block
    • Sold without handle
  19. Nylon Napping Brush

    Nylon Napping Brush

    A napping brush is the perfect tool to freshen carpet appearance and remove swirl marks from the rotary action of machines, footprints, or even wheel tracks from equipment.
    • Brush measures 3" x 14"
    • Can also be used for scrubbing
    • Threaded handle not included
  20. Handi Groomer

    Handi Groomer

    The Handi Groomer has plastic bristles to agitate pre-spray and protectants on stairs and hard-to-reach areas and is ideal for use in spot dyeing.

    • Use to agitate on stairs and hard-to-reach areas
    • Plastic bristles work in pre-spray and protector
    • Ideal for use in spot dyeing
  21. Nylon Spotting Brush

    Nylon Spotting Brush

    This 10-inch-long spotting brush is ideal for tamping because it is constructed with short, stiff, white nylon bristles for thorough cleaning performance and durability.
    • Ideal for use on tough spots
    • Stiff nylon bristles maximize your results
    • 10 inches long
  22. Nylon Spotting Brush, Large, Black

    Nylon Spotting Brush, Large, Black

    On almost every job the professional carpet cleaner is likely to encounter spots that call for special attention. There are a number of quality cleaning solutions that are made for particular types of stains and spots. All need the use of a spotting brush to help penetrate and allow the solution to work. Some spots require a ”tamping” action to help the chemicals reach deep into the carpet fibers while others may require a light brushing action.
    • Stiff bristles
    • Chisel-shaped handle
    • Use on stains that need extra agitation
  23. Pad Driver - Various Sizes

    Starting at: $29.38

    Pad Driver - Various Sizes

    Tufts penetrate into the pad for secure holding power. Includes a 1-1/4-inch thick plastic riser and has a 5-inch center hole. Heavy polypropylene strands trimmed offset at 1/2-inch are staple-set in the Tuff-Block, making this a superior driver.

    • Marine-grade plastic block
    • Plastic riser mounted on pad driver
    • Secure pad holding power
    • Available in sizes from 12-19 inches
    • 5-inch center hole
  24. Cimex Pad Driver InstaLock (3 PK)

    Cimex Pad Driver InstaLock (3 PK)

    Set of three InstaLock Pad Drivers for the 19" Cimex machine.

    • Fits Cimex 19-inch machine
    • Three drivers to get you up and running
    • InstaLock locks right into place

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