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Carpet Cleaning Bonnet Pads & Scrubbers


Carpet bonnets provide benefits similar to those of a 'Swiffer-like' mop used in the home. The carpet is sprayed with a cleaning solution, and then you and the attached bonnet get to work. This system is perfect for when the top fibers need cleaning, but the rest of the carpet is fine. It’s a quick way to freshen up carpets without unnecessary deep cleaning.

Get the Carpet Bonnets You Need

Carpet bonnets take a quick job and make it even quicker. Jon-Don has many options to choose from, including rotary carpet brushes. Contact us today for same-day shipping for all your bonnet and carpet needs.

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  1. Pad Driver
    Pad Driver

    Tufts penetrate into the pad for secure holding power. Includes a 1-1/4-inch thick plastic riser and has a 5-inch center hole. Heavy polypropylene strands trimmed offset at 1/2-inch are staple-set in the Tuff-Block, making this a superior driver.

    • Marine-grade plastic block
    • Plastic riser mounted on pad driver
    • Secure pad holding power
    • Available in sizes from 12–19 inches
    • 5-inch center hole

    Starting at $41.94

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