Ink Removal from Carpet


How to Remove Ink from Carpet

This technical tip is written for the removal of Ink from ball-point pens. Each manufacturer has its own patent on the ink they use, so each ink is comprised of a unique formula. Some inks may respond positively to treatment while others may respond poorly.


Basic Method

  1. Apply undiluted Matrix Ink Away to spot.
  2. Gently agitate the area with a bone spatula, working from the outside of the spot toward the center,
  3. Blot the area carefully from the outside in using a clean white spotting towel.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. It may be necessary to repeat all steps if some ink residue remains.


Advanced Method

  1. Apply Matrix Breakdown POG undiluted to spot, working from the outside of spot toward the center.
  2. Agitate the area gently with a bone spatula, working from the outside of spot toward the center.
  3. Dry vacuum the spot.
  4. Apply Matrix Citrusolve undiluted to the spot, working from the outside toward the center.
  5. Repeat step 2
  6. Rinse the area thoroughly with Matrix Confidence Premium Extraction Detergent.


Warning and Cautions: Always test material for colorfastness, follow label directions, and never mix product unless specified in the label directions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary.  

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  1. Bone Spatula

    No carpet care professional can afford to be without this 4.5" x 3/4" spatula that features smooth, round edges for optimal gunk removal. This essential tool is particularly effective when dealing with tough gum removal problems.

    • Smooth and round edges for easy gum removal
    • Perfect for working spotting solution into carpet
    • A must-have for every carpet cleaner
  2. Matrix® Break Down P.O.G.

    For oil-based stains that refuse to budge, try Matrix Break Down POG. Break Down works quickly to remove grease, paint, tar, even lipstick, and can be rinsed out easily with water or Matrix Citrusolve Spotter.

    • Treated areas dry fast to save you time
    • Not available in all states
    • pH: None
    • Ready for use

    Starting at: $7.72

  3. Matrix® Confidence Premium Extraction Detergent

    A special blend of professional-strength ingredients gives Confidence the maximum cleaning power available in a liquid detergent. Even grungy, greasy commercial or restaurant carpet will be left clean and feeling incredibly soft.

    • Liquid with the cleaning power of a powder
    • Contains citrus solvents; breaks down grease
    • pH: 10.0 in RTU solution
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $18.27

  4. Matrix® Citrusolve Spotter

    Matrix Citrusolve gently, yet powerfully removes a wide variety of stains, even on stain-resistant carpets. It works as a double-duty pre-spray or as a spotter with grease and soil-cutting power. Thanks to natural citrus solvents, this formula leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent.

    • Ideal spotter for chewing gum, tar, wax, and more
    • Use as a spotter or carpet pre-spray
    • pH: None
    • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
    • Variable dilutions

    Starting at: $9.23

  5. Matrix® Ink Away Stain Remover

    Ink Away has been formulated to remove stains from even the most difficult, hard-to-remove inks, such as ball point pen, marker inks, and even shoe polish. Ink Away is safe and effective on cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers.

    • Tackles shoe polish, markers, and other heavy inks
    • pH: 9.5–10.5
    • Safe on cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers
    • Ready to use

    Starting at: $13.94

  6. Sanitaire TRADITION™ QuietClean® SC889A Upright Vacuum

    Cleaning performance should be seen and not heard. Developed for a growing trend toward quietly working longer hours, the TRADITION QuietClean SC889 is CRI approved and meets all equipment requirements set by LEED guidelines.

    • 12-inch cleaning path
    • CRI Silver seal of approval; LEED compliant
    • 6.5-amp dual motor; 69 dBA
    • 6.1-quart dust bag
    • 50-foot power cord
    $349.99 Add to Cart to See Price

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