Blood Removal

If you’re called to a job where you are required to address a blood or bodily fluid stain, you must adhere to OSHA’s blood-borne pathogen rule. You must wear gloves, goggles, and coveralls. All recovery must be discarded as hazardous waste. Recovery tanks need to be cleaned with a bleach solution. OSHA’s rules are in place to protect you from possible infection from AIDS or hepatitis.

Option 1

  1. Apply Matrix Oxidizer diluted at 1/2-1 oz per gallon of hot water. Agitate with bone spatula from outside of spot to the center of spot. Tamp and blot with tamping brush and spotting towel.

Option 2

  1. Apply Matrix Spot Out undiluted. Tamp and blot with a tamping brush and spotting towel.
  2. Apply Matrix Release undiluted. Tamp and blot with a tamping brush and spotting towel.
  3. Apply Matrix Confidence diluted at 1/2 ounce per gallon of water. Tamp and blot the area with a tamping brush and towel.
  4. Rinse the area thoroughly with warm water.

Warning: Always test materials for colorfastness, follow label directions, and never mix products unless specified in the label directions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary.

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  1. Bone Spatula

    No carpet care professional can afford to be without this 4.5" x 3/4" spatula that features smooth, round edges for optimal gunk removal. This essential tool is particularly effective when dealing with tough gum removal problems.

    • Smooth and round edges for easy gum removal
    • Perfect for working spotting solution into carpet
    • A must-have for every carpet cleaner
  2. Nylon Spotting Brush

    This 10-inch-long spotting brush features short, stiff white nylon bristles that stand up well against daily tamping and brushing activities. Use this brush for agitating spotting solutions for thorough cleaning performance.

    • Ideal for use on tough spots
    • Stiff nylon bristles maximize your results
    • 10 inches long
  3. Matrix® Oxidizer

    Oxidizer is a powdered version of hydrogen peroxide—essentially a safe form of bleach—that is specially formulated as an additive booster to make your traffic lane cleaner or extraction detergent work even better. It’s ideal for use on stubborn stains, like nicotine stains, or browning on carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces.

    • Boost your cleaning power and treat browning issues
    • Ideal for stubborn stains on carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces
    • pH: None
    • Not for use on wool
    • Dilute 1/2–1 ounce per gallon of cleaning solution
  4. Splash Goggles
    These goggles are made of a soft vinyl frame with a polycarbonate lens. Flexible frame molds comfortably to the face. These anti-fog, scratch-resistant goggles allow room for most prescription glasses. The adjustable headband provides a custom fit for any wearer. Available with direct and indirect ventilation.
    • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant lens
    • Flexible vinyl frame
    • Adjustable headband

    Starting at: $2.99

  5. KleenGuard A60 Coveralls

    Protect yourself and your employees from many bio-hazards with coveralls from Kimberly Clark. These suits have passed ASTM F1670/F1671 Blood & Body Fluid Penetration to offer you peace of mind.

    • With hood and boots
    • Zipper front; elastic wrists and ankles
    • Passes ASTM F1670/F1671 Blood and Body Fluid Penetration

    Starting at: $197.97

  6. Industrial Grade Nitrile Exam Gloves, 5 mil, Powder Free, Blue

    These powder-free nitrile gloves are 3X more puncture-resistant than rubber gloves! They're an affordable way to protect your hands from a broad range of chemicals as well as bloodborne pathogens.

    • Latex and powder free; puncture resistant
    • 5 mil thickness
    • Micro-textured surface for a non-slip grip
    • 100 gloves per box; 10 boxes per case (XL 90 per box)

    Starting at: $7.52

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