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Mothball Odor Removal

Mothballs are generally composed of either para-dichlorobenzene (tolerance in air is 75 PPM) or naphthalene (tolerance in air is 10 PPM). The vapor from mothballs as they evaporate is heavier than air, so the vapor sinks down through underlying materials. Mothballs are not water-soluble, so they are resistant to conventional cleaning processes. Mothballs are soluble in alcohol (denatured, ethyl, isopropyl, etc.). Mothball odor problems generally occur when people over apply them.

Base pricing on this job on a time and material basis. Wear appropriate respiratory protection (a respirator with organic vapor pesticide canisters). Rely on engineering controls, ventilation, etc. to lower the respiratory protection levels required. Follow the basic method listed below. Vapors may be desorbed from affected materials by spraying affected areas with denatured alcohol and water solutions. The starting formula for desorbing would be 40% water and 60% denatured alcohol. Be careful because denatured alcohol is highly flammable and poses an inhalation risk.

The following are definite DON'TS in mothball odor removal: 


Basic Method

  1. Remove as much of the dried product as possible.
  2. Ventilate the area.
  3. Add activated carbon to affected areas. This can be placed in containers, which maximize the surface area. It can also be placed into women’s pantyhose or men’s tube socks and hung in HVAC system air handler. Activated carbon filters can be placed in air scrubbers for cleansing the air.
  4. Set up a negative pressure containment. Using a 6-mil poly sheeting and Zipwall poles, build a containment area around the affected area.
  5. Measure the cubic feet of your containment (Length x Width x Ceiling Height) and size the proper-sized air scrubber. You should try to attain 4-6 air exchanges per hour. Figure this out by using the following formula: Cubic Feet x 4, divided by 60 = CFM needed to obtain proper negative pressure. Install the air scrubber either inside or outside the containment. .
  6. If the HEPA air scrubber is inside the containment area, use lay flat ducting to duct the exhaust air outside the containment area. If the air scrubber is outside the containment area, use reinforced flexible ducting to duct the air from the containment area into the intake on your air scrubber .

Warning: Always test materials for colorfastness, follow label directions, and never mix products unless specified in the label directions. Each situation reacts differently and results may vary.

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  1. Fresh Wave IAQ Gel

    Starting at: $4.95

    Fresh Wave IAQ Gel

    Airborne odors don't stand a chance with Fresh Wave IAQ gel. This amazing compound works around the clock to provide 24/7 odor elimination. Simply set it out in a room and let ambient airflow do the work for you!

    • Non-toxic, natural odor elimination
    • Powerful gel activated by ambient airflow
    • Effective for persistent odor problems
    • Can be set out in any type of container
    • Ready to use
  2. ProTeam LineVacer HEPA Backpack Vacuum with Xover Tool Kit

    ProTeam LineVacer HEPA Backpack Vacuum with Xover Tool Kit

    This HEPA vacuum is ideal for medical facilities, clean rooms, computer labs, or highly sensitive areas, offering the finest package of motor power and filters in the market.

    • 10-quart capacity
    • CRI seal of approval
    • Can tackle asbestos and lead paint abatement cleanup
    • HEPA filtration
    • Weighs just 13 pounds
  3. Activated Carbon/Potassium Permanganate, 30 lbs

    Activated Carbon/Potassium Permanganate, 30 lbs

    This 30-pound bucket-activated carbon and potassium permanganate product was developed for use with the Phoenix Guardian Carbon Frame.
    • Designed for use with the Phoenix Guardian Carbon Frame
    • Saves money over pre-made filters
    • Lets you adjust amount of media for job
  4. HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber

    HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber

    Want to earn up to 70% more rental income on your air scrubber? Switch to the HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber. Its cutting-edge design delivers 1,000 CFM of clean, HEPA-filtered air.

    • 1,000 CFM of clean HEPA-filtered air
    • Earn up to 70% more rental income
    • Compact size allows for one-person operation
    • Includes a standard HEPA filter and 2-inch pleated filter
    • Weighs just 73.5 pounds
  5. 14" x 15" x 1" Activated Carbon Filter

    14" x 15" x 1" Activated Carbon Filter

    This 1" Activated Carbon Filter fits the Ultimate 1000 Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine

    • Optional 2nd Stage Filter for the HEPA 1000 Air Scrubber
    • Must use 1" Pre-Filter in concert with this filter
    • Listed Size: 14 x 15 x 1 inches
    • Nominal Size: 13.7 x 14.7 x .875 inches

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