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  1. US Products Ultimate PB III

    The Ultimate PB III is a powerful multi-purpose machine that can wet clean synthetic fibers as well as dry clean natural fabrics. You no longer have to avoid touching certain types of upholstery, drapes, or Oriental rugs. The Ultimate PB III can do it all! Onboard tool kit included.

    • Ideal for wet or dry cleaning upholstery and drapes
    • Solvent compatible and self-priming
    • 3-1/4-gallon tank
    • 40-PSI pump with viton seals and 200°F heater
  2. EZ Spot® Portable Spotting Extractor with Heat

    The EZ Spot Portable Spotting Extractor is ideal for spot removal or quick touch-ups between regular carpet cleanings in homes or offices. Plus, this model includes a 1,000-watt heater to really help you power through tough spots. If you perform auto detailing, this is a must-have tool!

    • Ideal for carpet spot removal or quick touch-ups
    • 55-PSI pump
    • Powerful 1,000-watt heater heats water up to 200° F
    • 3-gallon solution and recovery tanks
    • 16-foot vacuum and solution hoses
  3. EZ Spot® Portable Spotting Extractor

    The EZ Spot Portable Spotting Extractor is ideal for spot removal in homes, offices, schools, and other commercial buildings.

    • Lightweight mini-extractor
    • Ideal for quick touch ups and spot removal
    • 55-PSI pump
    • 3-gallon solution and recovery tanks
    • 8-foot vacuum and solution hoses
  4. DriMaster Upholstery Tool, DM3-HiFlo

    Featuring molded glides on the tool lips to eliminate fabric snagging and unique Jetless Cleaning Technology to prevent over-wetting, the DriMaster 3 is the ultimate upholstery cleaning tool!

    • Molded glides on the tool lips prevents snagging
    • Easy to clean and remove clogs from nose cone
    • New Jetless Technology prevents overwetting
    • 3-7/8" tool head
    • Great for spot removal on Oriental rugs
  5. CFR Combination Upholstery Cleaning Hand Tool

    The Combo Hand Tool features "Total Fluid Control" technology, which enables it to operate at higher pressures and flow rates than conventional upholstery tools. It is designed to minimize over-wetting and promote faster drying times.

    • 3 1/2" low-profile cleaning head
    • Includes male coupler and 5' flex hose
    • Fits 1.5" hoses
    • Offers high pressure and flow rates
  6. KleenRite High Pressure Upholstery Tool

    The KleenRite Upholstery Tool is designed to operate at high pressures (100 PSI and up) and can be used with truck mounts or portables.

    • Works with high pressure on any cleaning equipment
    • Three vacuum chambers give gentle agitation
    • Clean without snags
  7. Prochem Upholstery Tool

    Delivers outstanding cleaning results on all types of upholstery. The head cleans a wider area while still easily reaching around edges, corners, and seams with ease. With its built-in bypass, this tool maintains desired water temperature and provides even chemical flow without over-wetting the fabric.

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Built-in bypass maintains temperature and chemical flow
    • Comes with 10-foot hose with internal solution line
    • Tool head width 3-7/8"
  8. Sapphire Scientific Upholstery Pro

    The Upholstery Pro is an ultra-lightweight hand tool that lets you clean everything—from the most delicate to the heaviest fabrics—quickly and thoroughly. The unique design prevents overspray on boxing and piping.

    • Ultra-lightweight hand tool
    • Fits on standard 2- and 1-1/2-inch vacuum hoses
    • Compatible with any carpet extraction machine
    • 4 inch extraction width head
    • Comes with 10-foot hose assembly
  9. The Detailer - Upholstery Cleaning, Hand Tool

    This unique tool provides access to tight areas, such as under car seats. Great for upholstery too!

    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Reach tight areas easily
    • Great for upholstery cleaning
    • Handles up to 400 PSI
  10. Truck Mount Upholstery Tool KleenRite with Jet Bypass

    When high pressure and high temperatures can present on-the-job problems, this 3-inch KleenRite tool with jet bypass gives you complete control. It automatically adjusts pressure as you work. Comes with five feet of vacuum hose with internal solution hose.

    • Automatically adjusts pressure as you work
    • Works with high pressures and high temperatures
  11. Freedom Upholstery Tool

    Clean delicate fabrics with confidence! The Freedom Upholstery Tool was designed to introduce spray into the vacuum chamber in such a unique way that you can clean the fiber face without wetting the backside!

    • Will not drip or overspray on fabric
    • Ideal for cleaning vertical blinds
    • Great on delicate fabrics
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Coupler not included

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  12. Economy Upholstery Cleaning Tool

    The Economy Upholstery Cleaning Tool features a 4" plastic head and can be used with machines up to 120 PSI. It features an open 1/8” 11002 brass v-jet. This is the perfect tool when price is the most important consideration!

    • Perfect extra tool
    • Handles up to 120 PSI
    • 4-inch plastic head
    • Handles working temperatures up to 140°F
  13. The Detailer - Economy Upholstery Cleaning Tool, 3 1/2 Inch

    When you need to reach surfaces that are not just hard but impossible to reach, turn to the Detailer. This unique tool is a favorite of contractors and it will be one of yours, too. Comes with 1/8" quick disconnect.

    • Reaches into tight upholstery seams to remove hidden grime
    • Handles pressures up to 120 PSI
    • 3-1/2-inch wide tool
    • Handles temperatures up to 140°F
  14. Prospector® PE150 Carpet Extractor with Heat, 150 PSI

    The Prospector PE150 is a great choice for basic carpet maintenance. Whether you own your own carpet cleaning business or are looking for an in-house machine to keep the carpet in your business looking great, we highly recommend the PE150.

    • 150 PSI pump
    • 85 inches of water lift; 97 CFM
    • 12-gallon solution and recovery tanks
    • 1,750 watt inline heater
    • Wand and hoses sold separately
  15. Prospector® PE300 Carpet Extractor with Heat, 300 PSI

    The Prospector PE300 is the ideal machine for the majority of carpet and upholstery cleaning tasks. With an adjustable 0-300 PSI pump, this machine has the power and heat you need to blast away tough soils and get surfaces clean.

    • 0-300 PSI pump
    • 85 inches of water lift; 97 CFM
    • 12-gallon solution and recovery tanks
    • 1,750 watt inline heater
    • Wand and hoses sold separately
  16. Eureka EasyClean Hand Held Vacuum - 71B

    Make quick work of vacuuming furniture and stairs with the Risor Visor feature, an engineering extra designed so the front brush bar flips up for vertical cleaning. Comes with a crevice cleaning tool and hose assembly, too.

    • Includes revolving brush roll
    • Risor Visor technology allows vertical cleaning
    • Easy-empty dust cup
    • Great on furniture and stairs
    • Crevice cleaning tool and hose assembly included
  17. KleenRite Non-Recirculating Drapery Tool
    The KleenRite Non-Recirculating Drapery Tool includes a patented pleat-cleaning insert as well as an integral 12-foot vacuum hose with internal solution hose and inline solution filter screen. This tool is designed for any KleenRite non-recirculating base, such as the 204-HX.
    • Includes patented pleat-cleaning insert
    • Includes 12-foot vacuum hose
    • Internal solution hose and inline filter screen
  18. Vacuum Release 1.5
    Slip this tool onto the wand of any 1.5ヤ carpet or hand tool and instantly fine tune the amount of suction!
    • No minimum order required!
    • Free technical support!


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