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  1. BlastPro BP-9-110V Shot Blast Cleaning System

    The BP-9-110V from BlastPro features a 9” blast pattern and a 3.35 HP blast motor. Though it is best suited for small to medium size concrete surfacing jobs, it's also great for edge work on larger jobs.

    • 9" blast pattern
    • 110V, single phase unit
    • Ideal for small to mid-size jobs
  2. Blastrac 1-10 DPS75 Shot Blaster

    Blastrac 1-10 DPS75 Shot Blaster is versitile and easy to use.

    • Easy to use
    • Appropriate for Medium to large size jobs
    • Saves time by cleaning and profiling in one step
  3. Blastrac 1-8DPS30 Shot Blaster

    The Blastrac 1-8DPS30 Shot Blaster cleans and profiles in one easy step to prepare concrete surfaces prior to application of coatings or overlays.

    • Prepares up to 450 to 600 sq ft per hour
    • Drive controls on adjustable steering arm - finger-tip control to operate
    • Great for decorative concrete applications when preparing for overlays and coatings
  4. Blastrac 1-15DSG1 Global Shot Blaster

    Blastrac 1-15DSG1 Global Shot Blaster is a 15" self propelled shot blaster that is appropriate for medium to large job sites.

    • Designed for easy transport
    • Operates with dust collector for dust free floor prep
    • Perfect for industrial floor prep and much more
  5. Blastrac 1-10DS Global Shot Blaster

    1-10DS Global Shot Blaster is perfect for industrial floors, warehouses, road and airport maintenance, and parking garages, this shot blaster is an environmentally sound choice for your surface preparation arsenal.

    • Easlily maneuverable, self-propelled machine
    • Highly versatile and appropriate for medium to large jobs
    • Virtually dust-free when connected to a dust collector.
  6. Shot Blast Media
    This high-quality shot blast media is made from non-recycled cleaned steel. It is ideal for concrete surface preparation to remove coatings and surface contaminants to prepare floors for polishing or new epoxy coatings.
    • Best quality
    • Cleaned steel
    • Not recycled shot

    Starting at: $45.00

  7. Blastrac Model BDC-1216 Dust Collector

    The Blastrac BDC-1216 is specifically designed for the tough environment of concrete dust collection; however, it can be used for any dry material handling needs. The high-strength plastic construction will not dent or rust.

    • 100 lbs capacity dust bin
    • Use with hand tools, small scarifiers, shot blasters and grinders
    • Tough economical solution for the professional contractor.
  8. Magnetic Sweeper, Bora Series

    Specifically designed for heavy use by professionals who need all the features of quick cleanoff, height adjustability, lifting power, and durability. The Bora has it all!

    • Quick pick up steel shot
    • Fast clean up of steel shot
    • Heavy duty durable frame

    Starting at: $423.13

  9. Magnetic Sweeper, Ecko Series, 20 Inch
    The unique "wrap around" design of this magnetic broom enables it to thoroughly pick up debris, such as nails and loose shot, during concrete surface prep jobs.
    • "Wrap-around" design picked up loose metallic debris
    • No lifting or bending to release debris
    • Variable sweeping heights

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