Janitor Carts and Organizers for Janitorial Supplies

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  1. Continental Janitor Cart 184BL
    This lightweight janitorial cart is the perfect mobile storage unit for a wide variety of cleaning supplies. It's easy to maneuver and comes with a yellow zippered vinyl bag.
    • Made of molded, high-density plastic
    • Accommodates most buckets and wringers
    • 8" rear wheels with 3" non-marking swivel casters
    • Blue color with 25-gallon yellow zippered vinyl bag
    • Ideal for holding additional products
  2. Rubbermaid® Cleaning (Janitorial) Cart with Zippered Yellow Vinyl Bag

    This janitorial cart is a must-have! It has plenty of space and compartments to hold your supplies, like mops, brooms, dusters, chemicals, wipes, and more. The smooth surface of the cart is easy to clean in case of any liquid spills or soiling.

    • Holds plenty of cleaning supplies
    • Smooth, easy-to-clean surface
    • Yellow zippered vinyl bag for easy trash removal
    • 21-gallon bag capacity
    • Non-marking wheels and casters
  3. Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfiber Cleaning Cart

    The Rubbermaid HYGEN Microfiber Cleaning Cart (9T73) is a high-capacity cleaning cart that neatly stores and transports all your tools and supplies. It features 5 cubic feet of storage space, which is plenty of room for everything busy cleaning professionals need.

    • Two 30-quart storage bins
    • Microfiber mop frame holder
    • Folding bucket platform
  4. Continental Janitor Cart Vinyl Bag, Yellow

    This handy, 25-gallon yellow bag secures to your janitorial cart and helps make your job easier. This bag fits Rubbermaid, Continental, White, Marino, and other carts.

    • Safety yellow color
    • Fits most brands of janitor carts
    • Heavy-duty vinyl
    • 25-gallon capacity
  5. Rubbermaid® Vinyl Replacement Bag with Zipper for Cart

    This replacement vinyl bag fits the Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart. It has a capacity of up to 21 gallons, which is plenty for average trash collection needs. The zipper front opening makes trash removal easy and quick too.

    • Smooth, easy-to-clean vinyl
    • 21-gallon capacity
    • Zippered front makes for easy trash removal
    • Fits the Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart
  6. Continental Huskee® Vinyl Caddy Bag
    This heavy-weight vinyl bag features plenty of elastic pockets to securely store cleaning supplies and accessories, such as spray bottles, spare bags, rags, paper towels, gloves, and more!
    • Handy storage option for tools and accessories
    • Heavy vinyl with elastic pockets
    • Fits most 32- and 44-gallon round containers
    • Fits most 32- and 48-gallon square containers
    • Adjustable straps and buckles
  7. Rubbermaid® Brute Caddy Bag

    Easily carry your cleaning supplies around the job site with the Rubbermaid Brute Caddy Bag. It features 12 convenient pockets of different sizes to hold supplies and tools big and small. Fits the 32- and 44-gallon Rubbermaid Brute trash cans.

    • Features 12 pockets large and small
    • Made from durable nylon-reinforced vinyl
    • Fits 32- and 44-gallon Rubbermaid Brute trash cans
  8. Bucket Boss® Bucketeer BTO

    The BTO (which stands for Bucket Tool Organizer) securely attaches to any 5-gallon bucket and gives you 30 pockets of handy storage for all your bottles, tools, gadgets, and accessories. The BTO even features 3 interior loops for long tools, like hammers, drills, and pry bars.

    • Turns any 5-gallon bucket into a handy tool carrier
    • Designed with poly ripstop/600D material
    • 30 assorted pockets
    • Three interior loops for long tools
  9. Continental Standard Maid Carrier

    You count on organization and efficiency to save time and money and this caddy does it all. It is lightweight, durable, and well-proportioned, so it holds a variety of cleaning products for easy transport, no matter how many tasks are on your list. Measures: 16" x 11" x 5 1/4" H.

    • Seamless high-impact plastic
    • Chemical resistant
    • Fits most hotel and janitorial carts
    • Accommodates up to 4 1/4" diameter bottles
    • Lightweight and durable
  10. Continental Huskee® Maid Caddy
    Save time and your back with an all-purpose maid caddy. Load it up with every tool and supply you need to do a great job on the run. Whether you handle huge cleanups or touchup maintenance, everything you need will be at your fingertips.
    • Gray heavy-duty plastic
    • Fits 32-, 44-, and 55-gallon round and square containers
    • Fits 5850 Tilt-N-Wheel
  11. Unger Hold Up Wall Mount

    This handy wall mount from Unger keeps all your tools neatly organized and ready when you need them. Tools are inserted from the bottom and held in place by strong rubber grips. This device is also equipped with hooks on the front to hang up smaller tools. Attach to wall using dowels.

    • Tools held in place by strong rubber grips
    • Open top design allows you to install at height right for you
    • Hooks on the front to hang smaller tools
    • Available in 18" and 36" lengths

    Starting at: $30.44

  12. Handi-Hold Mop and Broom Holder

    Handi-Holds are great for keeping brooms, mops, and more off floors and grouped into organized storage spaces. They mount easily to any surface and grip tightly so that handles never fall out.

    • Hold brooms to the wall
    • Easy mounting
    • Tight grip
  13. Accessory Bag for Strong VLM TM4

    This handy accessory bag mounts to the handlebar of your Strong VLM Counter-Rotating Brush Machine. It holds all your accessories—spotters, brushes, hand towels, etc.—so you can keep everything within easy reach as you move around the job.

    • Mounts to handlebars of Strong VLM Counter-Rotating Brush Machine
    • Stores all your accessories neatly
    • Accessories not included
  14. Rubbermaid® Replacement Front Wheel, 4 Inch

    Designed specifically for Rubbermaid® Commercial Products, this caster features precision engineering for smooth, quiet gliding. This replacement 4" front wheel fits the Rubbermaid Janitor Cart 6173.

    • Designed specifically for Rubbermaid® Commercial products
    • High-quality, durable construction
    • Smooth thermoplastic rubber ensures easy rolling
    • Bayonet stem design for easy installation
    • Swivels for maneuvering in any direction
  15. Rubbermaid® Replacement Fixed-Position Bayonet Casters, 8 Inch (2 PK)

    These replacement fixed-position bayonet casters fit the Rubbermaid Cleaning (Janitorial) Cart (JC-RCP6173-EA, sold separately). These non-marking wheels roll smoothly and won't leave scuff marks on floors or walls. 

    • Includes two 8" wheels
    • Smooth rolling
    • Non-marking
    • Easy to install

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