Chemical and Oil Resistant Gloves

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  1. Chemical-Resistant Gloves

    These high quality solvent-resistant gloves are great for working with many solvents and acids. The flock-lined nitrile absorbs sweat and easily slides on and off. These gloves feature a comfortable, contoured fit and nonslip grip. Pairs individually wrapped. Aqua in color.

    • Color: Aqua
    • Pairs come individually wrapped
    • Flock-lined nitrile absorbs sweat
    • Gloves easily slide on or off

    Starting at: $3.09

  2. ATLAS® 660 Triple-Dipped Heavyweight PVC Gloves
    For tough work that requires durable hand protection, choose ATLAS 660 Triple-Dipped Heavyweight PVC gloves. Since they are triple dipped in heavyweight PVC, these gloves are exceptionally strong and abrasion resistant. They're also extremely soft and flexible, ensuring you get full range of motion from palm to fingertip.
    • Fully-coated triple-dipped BLU PVC
    • Extremely abrasion resistant
    • Oil- and chemical-resistant
    • Breathable cotton lining
    • 12" length
    • Available in Medium to XX-Large

    Starting at: $3.95

  3. SHOWA Best ATLAS® Assembly-Grip 370B Nitrile-Coated Nylon Gloves

    Featuring black nylon that is lightly coated in dark gray Nitrile, these gloves protect protection from abrasion, are resistant to oils, and still allow for maximum tactile sensitivity while providing a secure grip. The lightweight nylon is extremely comfortable and breathable. An elastic knit-wrist prevents debris from entering the glove.

    • Dark gray nitrile-coated palm
    • Ultra lightweight nylon lining
    • Excellent touch sensitivity and dexterity
    • Available in sizes Medium to Extra Large

    Starting at: $3.73

  4. SHOWA Best Glove Chem Master® Chemical-Resistant Gloves (12 PR)

    For a good resistance to a broad range of chemicals, Chem Master® features a Neoprene-over-Natural Rubber construction that also provides excellent abrasion, tear and puncture resistance.

    • Acceptable for food handling applications
    • Great for blasting (ice, soda, sand) applications
    • 26 mil thickness
    • Cotton flock lining
    • Available in sizes Medium to Extra Large

    Starting at: $26.40

  5. Ansell® NitraSafe® Fully Coated Nitrile Cut-Resistant Safety Glove, Extra Large/Size 10 (12 PR)

    In sharp, oily, puncturing, and abrasive environments, NitraSafe 28-359 gloves outperform leather and cut-resistant automatic knit liners. A unique combination of nitrile coating and Kevlar fibers enables the gloves to resist cuts nine times better than leather-palm designs with twice the puncture resistance and over 20 times the abrasion resistance.

    • Incorporates DuPont™ Kevlar® for
    • Superior cut, puncture, and abrasion resistance over standard leather palm gloves
    • Nitrile coating repels oil and grease
    • Gold safety cuff design
    • Available in sizes 8 to 10
  6. Neoprene/Latex Flock-Lined Gloves, Large (12 PR)
    Featuring blue neoprene over yellow latex, these flock-lined gloves provide excellent resistant to chemicals, cuts, and punctures. Use these gloves with confidence for general cleaning applications or heavy-duty restoration work.
    • Blue neoprene over latex
    • Flock lining for added comfort
    • Excellent resistance to chemicals, cuts, and punctures
    • Size Large
  7. P-Grip Ultra Thin Black Nylon/Polyurethane Gloves with Black PU Coating
    These work gloves have a polyurethene coating on the palms to improve your grip. The ultra-thin black nylon is flexible and breathable, giving you good air circulation and improved dexterity.
    • Ultra thin black nylon
    • Polyurethane palm coating provides extra grip
    • Comfortable feel

    Starting at: $1.30

  8. MaxiChem Multi-Polymer Gloves, Large (12 PR)
    MaxiChem Multi-Polymer Gloves provide superior skin protection against prolonged chemical contact. These gloves are ideal for those who handle chemicals for extended periods of time. These gloves are also lightweight and comfortable to wear.
    • Certified 100% chemical-resistant blended polymer – EN 374-2
    • Provides comfort and flexibility
    • Exclusive GripTech® coating offers non-slip capabilities
    • Silicone free
  9. Boardwalk® Neoprene Flock-Lined Gloves, 30 mil, Black, Large (12 PR)

    Ideal for strong chemical handling, these gloves are resistant to chlorinated solvents, inorganic acids, petroleum products, paint, and varnish remover. The long 15" sleeve protects forearms and has an embossed grip for better handling.

    • Ideal for strong chemical handling
    • Embossed grip
    • 15-inch length

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