Dusting - Lambswool Dusters, Microfiber Dusting Tools, Feather Dusters and Dusting Cloths

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  1. Microfiber Cloth, 16" x 16", 300 Gram

    Softer than silk, yet bull-dog tough, these 300-gram weight microfiber cloths measure 16" x 16". They pick up more dirt and dust than traditional rags and wipes, plus they use less chemical and leave surfaces dry and streak-free.

    • Withstands up to 500 washings
    • 300-gram quality
    • Lint-free
    • Lasts longer and picks up more dirt
    • Use on any surface, will not scratch

    Starting at: $1.08

  2. Treated Dust Cloths (50 PK)

    These yellow treated cloths are specially treated to attract and hold dust, so when you capture it, it's gone. Sold per package of 50, this cloth may become your most productive cleaning tool. Available in 24 x 18-inch or 13 x 18-inch sizes.

    • For dusting walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture
    • Non-woven treated cloths
    • Disposable
    • Easy to store

    Starting at: $6.12

  3. Unitex® Sure Dust Disposable Dusting Sheets, 250 Sheets

    Made from non-woven fibers with a unique adhesive coating, these 1-ply sheets trap up to 2X more dirt, dust, sand, and hair than traditional dust mops. They work with your existing equipment to super-charge your dusting ability. 

    • Trap up to 2X more dust than traditional dust mops
    • Ideal for removing dirt, dust, hair, and glitter
    • Works with existing cleaning tools
    • Single-ply; designed for double-sided use
    • 8" x 125'; perforated every 6"
  4. Lambskin Specialties Lambswool Duster, 28 Inch

    This 100% lambswool duster catches and holds dust better than any other duster on the market. It is economical and can be washed when heavily soiled.

    • 100% lambswool
    • Washable and long lasting
    • Catches and holds dust
    • Duster color may vary
  5. Lambskin Specialties Synthetic Extension Duster, 50 Inch

    The 50” Extension Multi Duster is manufactured from polypropylene fibers and effectively catches and holds dust.  Unlike many other dusters, this multi-colored duster can be washed when heavily soiled.

    • Made from polypropylene fibers
    • Ideal for dusting all surfaces high and low
    • Launderable
  6. Lambskin Specialties Economy Telescopic Duster, 42 Inch

    This 10" dusting pom extends to 42". The natural lambswool offers a light static charge combined with a web of fibers and natural oils that work together to attract and hold dust until spun free.

    • 10" dusting pom
    • Extends to 42 inches
    • Color may vary
  7. Lambskin Specialties Economy Telescopic Duster, 58 Inch

    This 10" dusting pom with 2-stage extension extends to 58". The natural lambswool offers a light static charge combined with a web of fibers and natural oils that work together to attract and hold dust until spun free.

    • 10" dusting pom
    • 2-stage extension extends to 58 inches
    • Color may vary
  8. Lambskin Specialties Lambswool Wall Duster, 12 Inch

    Remove cobwebs from out-of-the-way places fast with this wall and ceiling duster designed for high, expansive surfaces, including walls and ceiling moldings. Duster measures 12 x 6 inches. Duster color may vary. Handle not included.

    • 12-inch x 6-inch dusting span
    • 100% lambswool
    • Designed for high, expansive surfaces
    • Plastic frame
    • Fits threaded handle (BB-THW60-EA; sold separately)
  9. Lambskin Specialties Easy Reach Mini Duster, 16 Inch

    The Easy Reach Mini Duster has an 8-inch dusting pom and is perfect for when you need a quick dusting tool. Keep surfaces dust free, tidy up railings, ornaments, or give the television a quick dusting with this handy tool. Made with natural lambswool.

    • Natural lambswool
    • 8-inch dusting pom
    • Duster measures 16 inches overall 
    • Duster color may vary
  10. Lambskin Specialties Feather Dusters

    These economy feather dusters feature real ostrich feathers. Soft, supple, and flexible, these feather dusters effectively pull dust away from a variety of delicate surfaces, such as plants, bottles, ornaments, picture frames, etc. Available in multiple sizes.

    • Made from real ostrich feathers
    • Ideal for dusting delicate surfaces
    • Each duster may vary in color, length, and texture
    • Available in multiple sizes

    Starting at: $6.91

  11. Lambskin Specialties Re-Trax Feather Duster

    This 16-inch, retractable feather duster is made of 100% genuine, high-quality ostrich feathers. When not in use, the retractable feathers store neatly in the tube of the handle.

    • 8-inch handle
    • Opens to 16 inches
    • Retractable for storage
    • 100% genuine ostrich feathers
    • Washable
  12. Lambskin Specialties Lambswool Wall Duster, 36 Inch

    When the job calls for muscle, get the wall duster designed for expansive surfaces and high ceiling moldings. This 36-inch duster has a 10-inch dusting pom, fits all threaded handles, and is a favorite at restoration and construction clean-up sites. Handle not included.

    • 36-inch length
    • 10-inch dusting head
    • 100% lambswool
    • Ideal for restoration and construction cleanup
    • Fits threaded handle (BB-THW60-EA; sold separately)
  13. Creative Products WAVEDUST Microfiber Duster, Extendable

    The Microfiber WAVEDUST is a powerful dusting tool that does a superior job of collecting dust from surfaces high and low. The extendable handle goes from 31" to 51", ensuring you can clean ceiling corners and vents with ease.

    • Extendable handle (34" to 51")
    • Head is removable and launderable
    • Green and white in color
  14. Creative Products WAVEDUST Microfiber Replacement Head

    WAVEDUST Replacement Duster Heads are made of durable microfiber. Microfibers do a better job of trapping and holding dirt for more efficient cleaning results. These duster heads can be laundered up to 750 times for exceptionally long life.

    • Replacement head for WAVEDUST Duster
    • Durable polyester microfiber construction
    • Stands up to 750 laundry cycles
    • Comes equipped with 2 snaps for attaching to handle
    • White and green in color
  15. Creative Products Microfiber Flexible Duster
    This flexible duster bends easily to help you get into tough-to-reach areas for thorough dusting. It comes complete with wand, handle, and microfiber sleeve.
    • Flexible dusting wand
    • Easily bends to get hard to reach areas
    • Microfiber sleeve included
    • 21-inch duster with 12-inch removeable handle
  16. Creative Products Microfiber Sleeve Fits Flexible Handle/Wand

    This microfiber sleeve attaches to the Microfiber Flexible Handle/Wand. It attracts and holds dust during dusting. Machine washable for long life.

    • Grabs and holds dust
    • Machine washable
    • Great for tight area cleaning
  17. Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick Connect Flexible Dusting Wand with Microfiber Sleeve

    The Rubbermaid HYGEN Flexible Dusting Wand easily bends and conforms to irregular surfaces for thorough cleaning. It comes with a high-pile microfiber sleeve that effectively removes dust, dirt, and grime from a variety of surfaces.

    • 20 inches in length
    • High pile sleeve effectively removes dust and grime
    • Built-in quick connect mechanism
    • Microfiber sleeve included
  18. Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Wand Duster Microfiber Replacement Sleeve

    This high-pile replacement microfiber sleeve fits the Q850 Rubbermaid® HYGEN™Flexible Dusting Wand. The microfiber effectively attracts and traps cobwebs, dust, and grime. The durable fibers stand up well to normal wear and tear, as well as repeated launderings.

    • 21" inches in length
    • High pile microfiber effectively removes dust and grime
    • Fits Q850 Rubbermaid® HYGEN™Flexible Dusting Wand
    • Washable for long life
    • Sleeve easily slips on the wand
  19. Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Quick Connect Hi Performance Flexi Wand

    The Rubbermaid HYGEN Flexi Wand fits in narrow spaces and conforms to the shape of irregular surfaces. The high pile microfiber effectively grabs dirt, dust, hair, and even some larger debris, such as bits of paper and crumbs.

    • Complete set with high pile sleeve and Flexi Wand
    • Can be used damp or dry
    • Great for dust, hair, and large debris
    • 28.4 inches in length
  20. Rubbermaid® HYGEN™ Hi Performance Flexi Wand Refill

    This 22-inch high-pile microfiber sleeve attracts and traps cobwebs, dust, and grime. The slip-on design simplifies wand attachment. Durable fibers stand up to normal wear and tear as well as repeated launderings.

    • Fits Q850 Flexi Wand
    • Can be used damp or dry
    • Excellent for dust, hair, and larger debris
    • 22 inches in length
  21. Rubbermaid® Hi-Duster Overhead Dusting Tool

    Reach the highest cleaning challenge with ease when you use the launderable Rubbermaid Super Hi-Duster Overhead Tool. A telescoping handle extends up to 51 inches or 8 1/2 feet, depending on the tool, for the most efficient overhead reach ever.

    • Head is launderable
    • Telescopic handle
    • Extends up to 51 inches or 8 1/2 feet

    Starting at: $27.24

  22. Rubbermaid® Hi-Duster Tool Replacement Head

    This launderable white cotton replacement head fits a variety of Rubbermaid products, including these popular models: the Hi-Duster, Angled Hi-Duster, and Super Hi-Duster.

    • Fits Hi-Duster, Angled Hi-Duster, and Super Hi-Duster
    • Launderable
    • White cotton
  23. ProTeam ProDuster® Sleeves (50 PK)

    ProDuster Sleeves from ProTeam are designed to fit over your existing wool or feather-type dusters to both boost performance and extend the life of the duster. They efficiently and effectively grab dust from the surface without leaving behind any residues, oils, or waxes.

    • Contains no oils or waxes
    • Won't streak or leave residue
    • Measures 18" x 7.5"
    • Sleeves attract and hold dust
    • Extends the life of wool and feather-type dusters
  24. Unger CobWeb Duster Brush
    The Unger CobWeb Duster Brush is designed to remove both cobweb clusters and stray strands of spider web from areas high and low. The split-tipped soft poly fibers remove all the web materials without scratching the surface beneath.
    • Split-tipped soft poly fiber
    • Perfect for ceilings, moldings and corners
    • Electrostatic energy attracts dust
    • May be used alone or with Unger telescopic poles (sold separately)

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