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  1. Broom - Angled Upright

    Starting at: $9.29

    Broom - Angled Upright

    This 11" angle broom features synthetic PET bristles with flagged tips that do an excellent job of picking up dirt and dust paritcles both large and fine. The bristles are also washable, dry quickly, and are resistant to acids, oils, and bacterial growth.
    • 11-inch sweeping surface
    • 48-inch firm-grip, metal handle
    • Synthetic PET flagged bristles
    • Convenient swivel hang cap
  2. Broom - Angled Lobby

    Starting at: $4.10

    Broom - Angled Lobby

    This angled lobby broom with synthetic bristles has a 32-inch handle and is designed to be used with lobby dustpans for fast, efficient on-the-job cleanups.
    • 8-1/2- inch sweeping surface
    • 30-inch firm grip, metal handle
    • Angled flag tips
    • Synthetic PET bristles
    • Use with lobby dustpan
    • Convenient swivel hang cap
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Broom

    Starting at: $11.38

    Indoor/Outdoor Broom

    This indoor/outdoor broom features two types of bristles that work together to pick up both large pieces of debris as well as fine dust. The red fine fibers effectively sweep medium to fine particles, while the black bristles handle the heavier stuff. Use with threaded handle (sold separately).
    • Molded rigid foam block for durability
    • Excellent for use on concrete and unpolished flooring
    • Sweeps both fine dust and heavier dirt
  4. Dustpan - Plastic Lobby

    Price: $15.49

    Sale: $10.84

    Dustpan - Plastic Lobby

    This plastic dustpan features a 12-inch wide dustpan and 36-inch handle that swings or snaps into an upright position so you never have to bend over to empty refuse again.
    • 12-inch wide pan
    • 36-inch handle
    • Swing or snap action moves unit into an upright position
  5. Dustpan - Plastic

    Dustpan - Plastic

    Select the dustpan that is light enough to tote yet big enough to pick up large amounts of refuse. With a 12-inch-wide scooping edge and 8-inch deep pan, this dustpan holds plenty of refuse and dirt.

    • 12-inch wide pan; 8 inches deep
    • 4-1/2-inch handle
    • Impact-resistant plastic
  6. Magnetic Sweeper - Ecko Series 20-inch

    Magnetic Sweeper - Ecko Series 20-inch

    The unique "wrap around" design of this magnetic broom enables it to thoroughly pick up debris, such as nails and loose shot, during concrete surface prep jobs.
    • "Wrap-around" design picked up loose metallic debris
    • No lifting or bending to release debris
    • Variable sweeping heights
  7. Magnetic Sweeper - Bora Series

    Starting at: $423.13

    Magnetic Sweeper - Bora Series

    Specifically designed for heavy use by professionals who need all the features of quick cleanoff, height adjustability, lifting power, and durability. The Bora has it all!

    • Quick pick up steel shot
    • Fast clean up of steel gines
    • Heavy duty durable frame
  8. Malish Vehicle & Truck Brush  (CLEARANCE ITEM)

    Price: $10.96

    Sale: $6.99

    Malish Vehicle & Truck Brush (CLEARANCE ITEM)

    This vehicle and truck brush offers contractors flagged synthetic bristles (one threaded and one tapered to interface with #BB-THW60 or BB-TPH60) set into a 10-inch plastic block. Professionals highly recommend this for use as a fountain brush or standard with a threaded or tapered handle.

    • 10-inch plastic block
    • Flagged synthetic bristles
    • One threaded and one tapered opening
    • Can also be used as a fountain brush
  9. Nylon Finish Brush

    Nylon Finish Brush

    This is a conveniently sized brush used to clean in and around machinery. It is constructed with solid polypropylene handle and synthetic bristles.
    • Solid handle
    • Long-lasting synthetic bristles
    • 6.5-inch brush face

9 Item(s)

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