Santa Fe Classic Replacement Parts

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  1. 16" x 20" x 2" Pleated Media Filter

    This filter provides an excellent combination of rugged construction, high-quality performance, and low initial cost. It is not reliant on electrostatic charge for efficiency. It offers low resistance to airflow and has a high dust-holding capacity.

    • Sturdy double-wall frame design
    • Moisture resistant beverage board frame
    • Listed Size: 16 x 20 x 2 inches
    • Nominal Size: 15.5 x 19.5 x 1.75 inches
    • Standard filter for the Ultimate 340 and most Phoenix stainless dehumidifiers

    Starting at: $5.48

  2. Dehumidifier Adjustable Humidistat (4021469)

    Manual humidistat control.

    • Ultimate 340
    • Phoenix SantaFe
    • Knob Not Included
  3. Knob, Ultimate 340 Humidistat Control
    Knob only for humidistat control
    • Jon-Don
    • Ultimate 340
    • Humidistat Knob
  4. Santa Fe Optional Muffler Kit (4022561)

    For extremely noise-sensitive environments, this optional muffler kit is ideal. Designed for use with the Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier, this accessory muffles the supply (exhaust) air outlet, transforming an already quiet machine into a nearly silent one!

    • Decreases sound from dehumidifier
    • Fits Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier only
    • Quick installation
    • Screws and washers included
  5. Foam Pre-Filter for Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

    This replacement foam pre-filter fits the Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier. It is designed to be used in conjunction with either a MERV-11 or Odor Ban filter. This durable filter can be cleaned by hand or simply replaced if torn or exceptionally dirty.

    • Foam pre filter for Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier
    • Used in conjunction with MERV-11 filter
    • Listed Size: 16 x 20 x 1 inches
    • Nominal Size: 14.75 x 18.75 x 0.25 inches
  6. Santa Fe Optional Duct Kit (4021453)

    This optional ducting kit for the Santa Fe Classic unit allows you to duct multiple rooms for air to flow simultaneously or to duct from an alternate room and have air blown into the room in which the unit is located. With multiple options for dehumidifying your space, you can improve productivity and boost drying performance.

    • Hood and collars only; ducting sold separately
    • 6" and 8" intake collars
    • 8" supply collar
    • Fits Santa Fe Classic
  7. Santa Fe Dehumidifier Condensate Pump Kit (4030113)

    Tired of emptying buckets on your Santa Fe Compact dehumidifier? This pump kit will automatically evacuate the water collected either to a drain or outside.

  8. ThermaStor SantaFe Caster Kit (4028616)

    This caster kit attaches to your Santa Fe Dehumidifier, enabling you to move it effortlessly around the job site without damaging the floors. 

    • Phoenix/ThermaStor
    • Leveling Caster Kit
    • For use With Santa Fe/Advance/Force/Compact
  9. Phoenix evaporator coil R-410 (4033925-02)
  10. Santa Fe Condensate Pump Kit (4022220)

    This condensate pump kit is designed for use with Santa Fe Classic and Santa Fe HC Dehumidifiers. It is ideal for applications where using the gravity drain system alone isn’t possible. This durable, reliable pump kit provides up to 15 feet of vertical lift for exceptional performance.

    • Up to 15 feet vertical lift
    • High-quality flexible plastic hose
    • Mounting brackets included

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