Phoenix 200HT Dehumidifier Replacement Parts

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  1. Relay, 120V 30A
    120VAC 30A relay.
    • Phoenix
    • 120V Relay
    • Ships Same Day
  2. Control Board, Phoenix 200HT R410
    Phoenix 200HT R410 control board.
    • Phoenix
    • Control Board
    • For Use with 200HT R410
  3. Phoenix Condensate Pump (4034496)

    This pre-wired condensate pump by Therma-Stor LLC is designed for use with a selection of the Phoenix line dehumidifiers, including the 200 MAX, 200 HT, 270HTx, as well as the Jon-Don Ultimate 340.

  4. Thermistor, Phoenix

    Phoenix dehumidifier thermistor used on R175, 200HT, 270HTX, Ultimate 340, R340

  5. Assembly, Phoenix Handle
    Phoenix rigid handle assembly.
    • Phoenix
    • Rigid Aluminum Handle Assembly
    • Comes with Plastic End Caps
  6. Phoenix Solution LGR Performance Amplifier

    The Phoenix Solution LGR performance amplifier widens the effective operating range of LGR dehumidifiers, increases grain depression and improves water removal rates to 100%.

    • Removes water in drying conditions up to 140°F
    • Accelerates the drying process by an amazing 33%
    • Intercooler pre-cools incoming air stream
    • Nests into the Phoenix 200 Max, 200HT, and Ultimate 340
    • Only draws 1.6 amps
  7. Hose, 1/4" Dehumidifier Drain
    This condensate pump vinyl drain hose measures 1/4"ID x 33'L.
    • Condensate pump vinyl drain hose
    • Measures 1/4"ID x 33'L
    • Commonly used on Phoenix dehumidifiers
  8. Coupler, Female 1/4" Drain Hose
    These couplers are typically used on the 1/4" drain hoses for most dehumidifiers. This coupler is a 1/4" open flow, Acetal, free float mounting, female receptacle. It can withstand temperature ranges between -40° and 180°F.
    • 1/4" hose barb
    • Female coupler
    • For use with Jon-Don Ultimate 340 and Phoenix 270HTX/200HT/200Max dehumidifiers
  9. Wheel Cap Locking Phoenix

    Locking wheel cap for Phoenix

    • Replacement caps for Phoenix dehumidifiers
  10. Rubber Stopper (Foot)

    Rubber Stopper (Foot)

    • Replacement rubber foot
    • Fits 200 Max and Guardian HEPA air scrubbers
  11. Coupler, Male Connector

    Male connector for the drain line assembly for the Phoenix 200, 200 Max, and the Phoenix 300.

    • Coupling insert quick connect (male)
    • Fits .38 tube
  12. 16" x 20" x 4" MERV-14 Pleated Media Filter

    This filter offers superior construction and is an optional filter upgrade for many Phoenix LGR dehumidifiers.

    • MERV 14, 95% efficiency
    • Listed Size: 16 x 20 x 4 inches
    • Nominal Size: 15.5 x 19.5 x 3.75 inches
    • Optional Filter Upgrade for Most Phoenix Stainless Dehumidifiers
  13. Sensor Low Pressure Switch

    Low Pressure Control Switch fits most Phoenix commercial dehumidifiers, including models #200, #200Max, #200HT, and #300.

    • Replacement low pressure switch
    • Must have licensed A/C repairman replace
  14. Switch P200

    Switch P200

    • Replacement power switch
    • Fits most Phoenix dehumidifiers and air scrubbers
  15. Pump Switch Phoenix

    Momentary style purge switch for Phoenix 200, 200Max, 200HT, 300 dehumidifiers. Also works with the Ultimate 340.

    • Replacement purge switch 
    • Spring loaded to turn off when released
    • Fits most Phoenix dehumidifiers
  16. Hour Meter Phoenix

    Hour meter for the Phoenix 200HT and 300 dehumidifiers and the Guardian air scrubber.

    • Replacement hour meter for most Phoenix dehumidifiers and air scrubbers
  17. Phoenix magnet grain control cover (4025728)
    ea magnet grain control cover

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