Injectidry HP60 Cavity Drying System Replacement Parts

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  1. Injectidry Duffle Bag with Wheels

    Need a handy way to transport your Injectidry HP60 and Direct-It systems? This rolling duffle bag is just the thing! It measures 38" x 16" x 16" and includes a handle and wheels, plus a convenient and adjustable shoulder strap. This durable bag is made from heavy-duty nylon to resist tears and rips.

    • Bag measures 38" x 16" x 16"
    • Handle and wheels for easy transport
    • Nylon construction for excellent durability
    • Holds your HP60 and Direct-It systems
  2. Injectidry Panel T Connector

    This Injectidry panel T connector has attached hose cuffs. It is designed for use with Injectidry systems.

    • InjectiDry
    • Panel T Connector
    • For Use with InjectiDry
  3. Injectidry Safety Yellow Tubing, 3/8 Inch x 200 Feet

    This 200-foot roll of 3/8" tubing is shipped un-cut. The recommended general-purpose tubing length is 18"–20". Use 6" if you wish to hang Injectidry Active Hoselines from the ceiling or upper walls.

    • 200-foot roll
    • Ships un-cut
    • Safety yellow color
  4. Injectidry AIR OUT Main Hose

    This AIR OUT main house is designed for use with Injectidry systems. It measures 6 feet in length with factory-set quick connects. It also comes with is a 2" hose cuff and 2" male pipe thread fitting.

    • Fits Injectidry systems
    • 6-foot hose
    • 2-inch hose cuff and 2-inch male pipe thread included
    • Comes with factory-set quick connects
  5. Injectidry Main AIR OUT Quick Connect

    This Injectidry Quick Connect fits the Main AIR OUT side.

  6. Injectidry Main AIR IN Quick Connect

    This Injectidry Quick Connect fits the Main Air IN side.

  7. Injectidry Active Hoseline

    This 6-foot active hoseline from Injectidry features ten 3/8"air ports and comes with ten lines of 3/8" tubing each 20" in length. The hoseline also comes with two hose cuffs and one quick connect hose connector.

    • One six-foot section of active hoseline
    • Features ten 3/8" 10 air ports
    • Comes with ten sections of 3/8" tubing each 20" in length
    • Includes 2 hose cuffs and quick connect hose connector
  8. Injectidry AIR IN Main Hose

    This 6-foot hose fits the Injectidry AIR IN port. It features an inline filter and factory-set quick connects. The inline filter should be inspected before each job and cleaned if needed.

    • 6-foot hose
    • Inline filter
    • Factory-set quick connects included
  9. Injectidry Quick Connect Endcap Plug (20 PK)
    These Injectidry Quick Connect Endcap Plugs are perfect for replacing lost or worn out endcap plugs on your Injectidry HP60 and HP60 Plus units.
    • End cap plugs only
    • Ideal for Injectidry HP60 and HP60 Plus units
    • For use with Injectidry 1.5" yellow blank hoses
  10. Injectidry QCT01 Quick Connect Panel T

    This Injectidry Quick Connect Panel T is used to connect the 1.5" hoseline on the Injectidry Floor System. It can serve as a replacement or additional unit as needed.

    • Quick Connect Panel T only
    • Small size
    • Used with the Injectidry Floor System
  11. Injectidry High-Pressure Safety Yellow Blank Hose, 1.5
    This replacement high-pressure yellow blank (vacuum) hose is designed for use on Injectidry HP60 and HP60 Plus units. Each hose measures 1 1/2" x 50'.
    • Replacement high-pressure blank (vacuum) hose only
    • Yellow color
    • For use on Injectidry HP60 and HP60 Plus units
  12. Injectidry QCC01 High Pressure Quick Connect

    This high-pressure quick connector is used to connect sections of either the Injectidry Active Hoseline or the Injectidry 1.5" Safety Yellow Blank Hose on Injectidry Wall Systems and the Injectidry Floor Systems.

    • Connector only
    • For use with Injectidry wall and floor drying systems
    • Connects 1.5" safety hose sections
  13. Wall Penetrators, Replacement 5/8"

    Package of 17 one-piece 5/8" Wall Penetrators for use with your Injectidry Direct-It Products.

    • One-piece Wall Penetrators for use with Direct-It Products
    • 17 per package
    • 5/8" diameter
  14. Carry Bag, Injectidry General Purpose

    This heavy-duty multi-purpose carry bag is made from nylon and measures 42" x 29". It is great for transporting your Direct-It or HP60 accessories

    • Constructed of heavy-duty nylon
    • Measures 42" x 29"
    • Great for transporting your Direct-It Accessories
  15. Injectidry Wall Injectors, Replacement (100 PK)

    Package of 100 replacement wall injectors used on Injectidry HP60 and HP60-Plus Units.

    • Standard wall injectors on Injectidry HP60 Units
    • Black wall injectors on Injectidry HP60-Plus Units
    • Will not work with Direct-It products
  16. Injectidry Tubing Connectors, 3/8" x 3/8" (100 PK)

    These tubing connectors are designed for use with Injectidry systems. They have a 3/8" diameter.

    • InjectiDry
    • Tube Connectors
    • 3/8"

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