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  1. Bag-A-Duct, PVC Coated Wire Ducting

    Use flexible ducting to ventilate small, confined areas that fans cannot reach. Cheap ducting won't last long, and you may end up paying more in the long run.

    • Various diameters
    • Comes with built-in storage bag
    • Works in temperatures ranging from -20ºF to 185ºF

    Starting at: $170.00

  2. Wire-Reinforced Mylar Flex Ducting

    When you need low cost, non-collapsible ducting for your air scrubber or dehumidifier, this is the choice for you. Use this 25' long wire-reinforced Mylar flex ducting for all intake and exhaust tasks.

    • Available in 6", 8", and 12" diameters
    • 25’ length
    • 160°F heat rating

    Starting at: $11.30

  3. Dri-Eaz TurboVent 48 InterAir Drying System

    The Dri-Eaz TurboVent 48 fits over the snout of your Dri-Eaz Sahara TurboDryer, redirecting the air over a 48-inch-wide column. This handy accessory is ideal for drying wet walls and ceiling cavities and boosts the effectiveness of your drying equipment.

    • Dries 48 inches of wall cavities
    • Fits any Dri-Eaz Sahara air mover
    • Fits LGR2800i or LGR3500i with available VMax Adapter
    • Includes TurboVent and Shock Cord with hook ends
    $215.00 Add to Cart to See Price
  4. Dri-Eaz 12" Duct Ring (04-00042)

    Attaching ducting to your fan provides a simple solution for adding or exhausting air into/out of tight spaces like attics or crawl spaces. This ring will allow for 12" ducting to be added to the Vortex Axial Air Mover and DefendAir EX Air Scrubber.

  5. Locking Clamps

    Choose these locking clamps when your job requires securely attaching ducting to air scrubbers, negative air machines, and dehumidifiers.

    • Available for 8”, 10”, or 12” collars

    Starting at: $37.08

  6. Ring, Dry Air 12" Duct
    12" Duct ring for
    • Vane Axial Fan
    • 12" Duct Ring
  7. Maximum Airflow Stand

    Maximize the drying impact of any air mover by putting your Gale Force, Max Force, Clean Force, or Force 9 on the stand that covers more ground and then stacks efficiently to save space. This terrific add-on weighs only 11 pounds.

    • For use with all Dry Air Axial Air Movers
    • Quick setup
    • 360-degree rotation
    • Solid construction
    • Folds flat for easy storage
  8. Phoenix Axial Air Mover Stand
    Maximize the drying impact of your Phoenix Focus Axial Air Mover with this terrific add-on stand. It gives you the immediate advantage of 360-degree drying, ensuring you can easily dry carpet, stairs, walls, and more.
    • Quick setup
    • 360° rotation
    • Solid construction
    • Folds flat for easy storage
  9. Dri-Eaz MAX Grip Carpet Clamp (10PK)

    Looking for a solid, strong way to hold carpet to an air mover so it can be floated during drying? Get the MAXGrip Carpet Clamp from Dri-Eaz! Its innovative and easy-to-use design attaches to the Sahara Pro X3 and Sahara HD, securely holding but not damaging wet carpets during drying.

    • Easy to use
    • Enables Dri-Eaz Air Mover to float carpet
    • For use with Sahara Pro X3, Sahara HD, or Sahara E

    Starting at: $593.43

  10. Dry Air Universal Air Mover Clamp
    The Dry Air Technology Carpet Clamp uses a unique over-center locking system. Once engaged, it will not let go until the technician removes it. It also features an adjustable soft rubber boot that grips the carpet securely without the risk of damage.
    • Over-center locking for a positive lock every time
    • Easy to install on just about any air mover
    • Adjustable locking foot for all types of carpets
  11. Injectidry Wall Injectors, Replacement (100 PK)

    Package of 100 replacement wall injectors used on Injectidry HP60 and HP60-Plus Units.

    • Standard wall injectors on Injectidry HP60 Units
    • Black wall injectors on Injectidry HP60-Plus Units
    • Will not work with Direct-It products
  12. Injectidry Silencer

    The Silencer is made of ABS plastic and quiets the drying system by about 25%. It reduces some of the impeller noise in addition to the air rush sound. Attaches to the 2-inch OUT trunkline and sets up in seconds.

    • For use with Injectidry HP 60 and HP Plus
    • Quiets the HP60 Drying System by about 25%
    • Silencer only
  13. Injectidry Water Separator

    The Water Separator works to protect your HP 60 blower by preventing bulk water from passing through it when drying in a negative mode.

    • For use with the Injectidry HP60 System
    • Prevents bulk water from passing through HP60
    • For use with negative drying only
  14. Injectidry Interceptor Inline HEPA Filtering System

    Injectidry's Inline HEPA filtering system stops dirt and debris before it contaminates your equipment and the air.

    • For use with your Injectidry HP60 System
    • 99.97% efficiency HEPA rating
    • Features double gasket seals
    • For use with negative drying only
  15. Injectidry Vac-It Panel Carry Bag

    If you're tired of having Vac-Panels laying all over the place, then this heavy duty nylon carry bag is for you. Capable of carrying 10 Vac-It Panels.

    • Can carry 10 Vac-It Panels
    • Can be used to carry Rescue Mats
    • Also used as an Adaptadry Carry Bag
    • Adjustable soft shoulder strap
  16. Injectidry 1 1/4
    This 1 1/4" x 50' Direct‐It hoseline roll fits all Direct-It products.
    • Each hose measures 1.25" x 50'
    • Yellow
    • Fits all Injectidry Direct-It Products
  17. Dri-Eaz Wall Injectors (25 PK)
    These replacement 1/4" injector nozzles (wall injectors) are for use with the Dri-Eaz DriForce InterAir Drying System only.
    • Replacement 1/4" injector nozzles
    • For use with Dri-Force Interair Drying System only (F211)
    • Sold in a package of 25
  18. Dri-Eaz Velo and Velo Pro HEPA Kit, F518

    Turn your Velo and Velo Pro air movers into powerful, effective air scrubbers in just minutes! This handy HEPA attachment kit allows you to use your air movers for general air scrubbing, dust control, and even pet dander control. This lightweight kit attaches in minutes—no tools required!

    • Works with any Velo or Velo Pro unit
    • Weighs half as much as standard HEPA units
    • Costs 15% less than a standard HEPA air scrubber
    • Install or remove in seconds—no tools required
  19. Perforation Roller
    Watertight finishes can trap moisture, preventing the drying of underlying material. This heavy-duty roller perforates surfaces allowing trapped water to escape. Ideal for PVA paints, vinyl wallpaper, polyurethane sealers, etc.
    • Perforates hardwood floors, vinyl, and even wallpaper
    • Allows trapped water to escape
    • Ideal for PVA paints, vinyl wallpaper, and polyurethane sealers
    • 6-inch width
  20. Dry Air Axial Fan Adapter Kit (F9SBA)
    Force 9 stand bracket adapter, set of 2.
    • For use with Force 9 Air Movers
    • For use with Post-2007 Gale Force Air Movers
    • For use with Post-2007 Clean Force Air Movers
    • Stand sold separately
  21. Gale Force® Stand Brackets (2 Pack)

    Gale Force side bracket kit.

    • Gale Force
    • Side Brackets, Set of 2
    • For Use with Pre-2007 Max Force Air Movers
    • Stand Sold Separately

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