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WaleTale Dust Containment System

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  • Greatly reduce silica dust from mixing mortar and grout in buckets
  • Cuts down on labor and clean up time
  • Compatible with any shop vac
  • Clips onto the rim of any 5-, 3-1/2-, or 1-gallon bucket
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Product Information

No Pail Should Be Without the Tale!

Safely Pour and Mix Mortar, Thinset, and Grout with No Dust Exposure!


It might look a little weird, but this ingenious invention can help protect you and your crew from exposure to dangerous respirable crystalline silica.


When you pour mortars, thinsets, and grouts into a bucket, a big mushroom-shaped dust cloud naturally kicks up in the air. It’s not just annoying and messy, it’s also dangerous. That dust can contain respirable crystalline silica, which has been proven to cause deadly diseases, including silicosis, lung cancer, and more.


The WaleTale dramatically reduces airborne dust exposure by preventing it from escaping the top of the bucket.


Here’s how it works:

Simply connect the WaleTale to the hose of your shop vac and then snap it onto the bucket. Turn on the vacuum and you’re ready to mix!


When you pour in your mortar or grout product, the dust kickback, and only the kickback—no product—will be safely removed by your vacuum.


Compatible with Multiple Buckets

The WaleTale conveniently clips onto the rim of almost any bucket. It works with 5-gallon buckets, 3-1/2-gallon, and 1-gallon, too.


Cleaner Work Sites, Reduced Labor

Not only does the WaleTale prevent workers from breathing in the dust, but it also keeps the dust from making a big mess on the job site. Rather than making multiple trips to mix mortar outside and lug it into the job site, contractors can mix mortars and other products indoors without having to clean up dust film on the floor later.


Ideal for Multiple Industries

The WaleTale is a must-have accessory for concrete operators, general contractors, tile setters, and any other contractor who works with mortars, thinsets, grout, and other materials that may have significant dust kick-back or contain crystalline silica.



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