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Vaportek S.O.S. Smoke Odor Solution Cartridge, Stand Alone

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  • Can handle up to 20,000 cubic feet
  • Penetrating vapor quickly controls and eliminates odors
  • Cartridge provides up to 90 days of use
  • Completely safe—requires no evacuation of treatment area
  • Will not harm fabric, rubber, adhesives, or electrical components
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Product Information

Vaportek S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) is specifically designed to tackle the worst smoke and soot odors that accompany fire and smoke damage restoration. The stand-alone cartridge can be placed in an air duct of the HVAC system or in front of your air mover to disburse the odor-neutralizing compounds quickly.


Vaportek's industrial strength membranes are designed to treat the atmosphere, contents, and structure simultaneously. The powerful formula permanently neutralizes smoke odors quickly and safely. 


Additional features:

  • No evacuation of people, pets or plants required during treatment
  • Use for protein, wood, paper and synthetic fire damage, tobacco smoke odors and more
  • Does not create ozone and is not recommended for use with ozone-generating equipment


This easy-to-use product eliminates odors using Vaportek's patented essential oil membranes to release non-toxic, odor-neutralizing dry vapor into the air. Simply place it in front of an air mover or into the HVAC system using the optional cartridge stabilizer.


Vaportek products have proven exceptionally useful in fire/flood restoration projects. The Vaportek compound effectively neutralizes impregnated smoke odor and, unlike ozone generators, does not harm fibrous materials. Additionally, buildings with smoke contamination may be occupied while the Vaportek system is in use.


Vaportek’s compound is an odor neutralizer (not a masking agent). It modifies the olfactory nature of unwanted odors to a point of odor disappearance. When two substances of given concentrations are mixed, the resulting odor may be far less intense than that of separate components and not be perceptible. This is the principle behind odor modification or neutralization, and the basis for Vaportek’s odor-neutralizing products.


Vaportek products address important safety issues in today’s market:

  • Contains no added alcohol or petroleum distillates
  • Products are CFC-free and do not deplete the ozone layer
  • Membranes are spill-proof and designed for minimal waste generation
  • The Vaportek compound is non-toxic by design and contains natural ingredients
  • Products do not generate ozone and are not subject to ozone restrictions
  • Contains no inert ingredients, and are VOC compliant


Vaportek odor controllers have proven effective in millions of uses to include:

  • Restoration and disaster recovery (smoke and water damage)
  • Janitorial / facility maintenance
  • HVAC 
  • Hotel and hospitality 
  • Pet and veterinary 
  • Medical and long-term care 
  • Home
  • Auto and marine


The applications are limitless!

Vaportek products are not available for export outside the USA.



More Information
Brand Vaportek
Approved Use HVAC System, Janitorial Use/General Cleaning, Smoke & Odor Remediation, Water Damage
Chemical Type Oil Based
Type Gel
Scent Cinnamon Like
pH None
Category Essential Oil Odor Control, Fire and Smoke Odor Control Chemicals
Condition new
Manufacturer Model Number 90-2200-85
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)