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Scanmaskin 32 Remote Control DSP, Three‑Phase Floor Grinder

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Scanmaskin 32 Remote Control DSP, 230V, Three‑Phase Floor Grinder
Item # FG-SM32RD23-EA
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Scanmaskin 32 Remote Control DSP, 480V, Three‑Phase Floor Grinder
Item # FG-SM32RD48-EA
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  • New and improved tool head for better balance/support
  • Multiple power options available
  • Smart water inlet for mess-free tool changes
  • Ergonomic, low-torque design
  • All steel construction—right down to the dust shroud

Product Information

Introducing the Scanmaskin 32

As Seen at World of Concrete 2018

The unique engineering of the Scanmaskin 32 can be summed up with one word: SMARTER. This robust and technologically advanced grinder delivers outstanding productivity rates along with ergonomic operation and low maintenance costs.

Smarter Technology

The Scanmaskin 32 features a built-in Smart display with tool guide that guides you through the grinding process with real-time information about tool wear, total tool lifetime, forward speed, power consumption, and planetary speed rotation.

Smarter Engineering

The new and improved tool head provides better balance and tool support for smoother grinding operation. The electrical front wheel and adjustable back wheels allow the operator to optimize head pressure for improved efficiency and faster results.

The Scanmaskin 32 also features a smart water inlet that makes it easy and fast to pour in water. In fact, it's even possible to change tools without water flowing out. You can enjoy faster, cleaner tool changeouts with less waste and mess.

Smarter Transportation

With faster transportation speed and a quick-release wheel, the Scanmaskin 32 is easy to operate and maneuver. You won't have to struggle to load it on/off the truck or position it at the job site. Less time spent moving the grinder around means you'll spend more time on the actual grinding process, dramatically boosting overall efficiency.

Smarter Ergonomics

The Scanmaskin 32 features an ergonomic handle and a low-torque design. Less stress is directed at the operator, ensuring smoother operation and less fatigue. This unit also features a built-in coffee and phone holder for a more comfortable utility experience.

Smarter Construction

The Scanmaskin 32 is made from the highest quality materials for a more durable, long-lasting grinder you can depend on for years. From it cog belts to hub bearings, to its cast allow components, this grinder is built tough to handle your roughest jobs.

Smarter Maintenance

The Scanmaskin 32 is engineered to allow for quick access to internal componentry for faster, easier maintenance. There are only three screw sets to remove to pull the machine apart, so you can service this grinder faster than ever.

This unit also features an improved cooling system on the electrical cabinet protects electrical components from heat and dust.

With this concrete grinder, you can expect less down-time and lower maintenance costs.

Smarter Troubleshooting

All Scanmaskin grinders with built-in DSP displays are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can connect to the grinder wherever you are to upgrade software or export data, such as data logs, error logs, hours or operation, etc.

Key Specifications:

  • Mutlple power options available: 220V, 480V, and Propane
  • Grinding Disc Speed: 230-825 RPM; 300-575 (Propane Model)
  • Grinding Disc: 3 x 11"
  • Grinding Width: 32"
  • Weight: 1,389 lbs; 1,323 lbs (Propane Model)
  • Water Tank: 5.3 US gal
  • Other: CE marking

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More Information
Amps 32
Electrical Phase Three
Diameter (in.) 36
Brand Scanmaskin
Powered By Electric
Category Floor Grinders
Condition new
Weight 1389 lbs